The compact gantry milling machine developed by F. Zimmermann is successfully sold

by:Gewinn     2022-06-03
2013 was an unusual year for F. Zimmermann LLC. It has set up a new Ru0026D center in the newly built production base. 'We are currently on the rise,' said Mr. Christian Zierhut, Head of Sales and Marketing at Zimmermann. 'The establishment of the new Ru0026D center has expanded the total area of u200bu200bour Ru0026D center by 4,000m2, with a total investment of about 2 million euros. It was officially put into use in July this year.' In 2012, Zimmermann achieved sales revenue of 30 million euros. 'We plan to increase sales by another 10 percent in 2013,' said Mr. Zierhut. They designed and produced a total of 347 gantry milling machines sold around the world; 153 of them were sold to Germany, 90 to the United States, 49 to other European countries, and 41 to Asia. The latest development of Zimmermann's FZ 33 compact gantry milling machine will be the impetus for its further development. 'Our new product is a response to the user's need to machine large workpieces without special foundations,' said the sales manager. Since the first batch of two machine tools in April 2012, it has sold 8 sets of this gantry milling machine, and the market response has been very good.
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