The concept of second-hand machine

by:Gewinn     2020-09-25
Second-hand machine definition:

second-hand machine is main equipment used in wood puzzle Settings, is to put the small pieces of wood processing after joining together into a large plate, not only improve the quality of the plate, improve the physical and mechanical properties of plate, and expand to the plate, the scope of application of application in the integrated timber, furniture manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries, there are many kinds of wood splice it basically is to cut the trail of logs, wood core, lumber slab, refers to the board, wood doors, wood square, stair board strip made of raw materials such as specification, after a row of plate, glue, extrusion, made the whole heating process, such as wide real core board equipment, the machine is mainly composed of the hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electrical control series such as

second-hand machine structure performance:

second-hand machine main structure frame, reducer, shaft, drive sprocket, chain, bar, concrete, auxiliary clamping machine electrical system, pneumatic system, etc.

second-hand machine working principle:

the motor through reducer drive spindle, the spindle on the drive sprocket, chain drive, the chain containing 20 beam, beam with concrete, each clip on concrete with screw. Clamping work are done by pneumatic machine. ( The thickness of the plate & lt; 30 mm, with auxiliary compression to compress) 20 after joining together the same natural drying, can discharge, cyclic mosaics. Electrical control pneumatic system, except for the wind machine and compression air cylinder by manual operation, all the rest is controlled by a button. Specific reversal, rack back; Specific transit, rack, jointing machine start puzzle and discharging board, cycle, automatic control machine fixture points 6 and 8 rows two kinds.

second-hand machine categories:

according to the work form two pneumatic and hydraulic or hydraulic jointing machine and air pressure machine.
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