The correct operation method of broadband sander?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Broadband sanding machine is composed of many precision parts, electrical components, pneumatic components and hydraulic components of complex equipment. Operation should be performed according to certain specification, so that to do a good job of polishing plate. Now let's talk about the correct sanding machine operation. 1, the operator requires sanding machine operator must have the following qualifications: 1) Sanding machine operation training. 2) Familiar with the function of the sanding machine. 3) Reading sanding machine instructions, fully understand the danger zone of equipment and the potential risk in the process of operation. 4) Use sanding machine, adjust or repair the permission of the factory director shall be made. 2, sand machine start and work step 1) Adjust the grinding plate thickness and specification. To lift machine sanding machine, enter the required sand plate thickness, the touch screen motor will run automatically, achieve the thickness of the set. If the thickness of the sanding machine board and setting plate thickness is different, can be in the thickness of the touch screen calibration. Is used for hydraulic lifting sanding machine, more can by changing the thickness gauge to set the thickness. 2) Through air, compressed air pressure to zero. 6 mpa pressure remained stable. 3) According to the sand cut required to install the corresponding size abrasive belt. If necessary, adjust the oscillating frequency and amplitude. 4) Start the main motor respectively, pay attention to order start, start to start completely. 5) Start the dust removal system and brush roll motor. 6) Start the feed motor, slowly adjust speed to 5 meters per minute. 7) The workpiece into machine tool, the detection precision and the thickness of surface roughness after polishing. If necessary, adjust the coarse sand roller, sand mold frame and fine grinding, until the workpiece polishing meets the requirements. 8) Feed artifacts, increasing speed. 9) Continuous feed artifacts. 3, pay attention to the normal operation of sand roller motor current broadband sander, always pay attention to the sand roller motor current touch screen, general requirements of current is less than 80% of the rated current, in order to prevent the frequency converter tripping due to machine overload or abrasive belt bear load and crack or fracture phenomenon. Wumeng when sand roller motor current overload, broadband sand machine feed speed automatically slow down, until the current to the normal range. 4, abrasive belt run 1) Abrasive belt is installed on a wide belt sanding machine, such as found on both sides of the firmness, please check carefully and repeatedly start sand roller motor, adjust the oscillating cylinder and throttle valve, observe the sand roll and tension roll parallel projection quantity is in the vertical direction. L plane. Adjust the rotary drum location, change the relative Angle of rotary cylinder with sand roller, fixed abrasive belt deviation. By adjusting the cylinder stroke and delay, can adjust the oscillating amplitude of abrasive belt. Adjust the throttle valve cylinder, can adjust the vibration velocity and frequency of the abrasive belt. 2) The particle size of abrasive belt shall be the required amount of abrasive belt cutting and surface finish. Particle size of the abrasive belt is unreasonable not only can lead to excessive consumption of abrasive belt, and can make the abrasive belt because of the lack of chip space and overheating, on the workpiece surface and the abrasive belt work produce burns, rapid obsolescence in abrasive belt. In production, coarse sand with sand content, often due to the change of wool plate thickness change, the amount of sand and fine sand belt to stability, not too big or too small, also can't change frequently. Abrasive belt cutting amount is too large, heavy load, abrasive belt soon & other; White & throughout; , greatly shorten the life; Abrasive belt cutting quantity is too small, may be traces of coarse sand and fine sand behind belt, does not remove the plate quality is poor. Fine sand belt by keeping stable cutting, can obtain uniform, stable and good surface quality. In addition, the grinding process, grinding disk, such as hardness, density, thickness deviation should be timely adjustment to sand with grain size distribution. 5, broadband sander stop step 1) Stop feeding motor. 2) Stop the brush roll motor. 3) Stop sand roller motor. Multiple sand roller in order to stop. After machine stop completely, cut off the total power.
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