The Czech Republic continues to provide financial support for machine tool investment companies in China

by:Gewinn     2022-05-17
At present, almost all provinces in China use Czech machine tools and equipment. Heilongjiang and Liaoning have Czech water turbine equipment in use. Xi'an Aircraft Engine Factory and Wuhan Heavy Casting and Forging Factory also have Czech machine tools and equipment. Sino-French joint venture hydropower equipment manufacturer in Tianjin Alstom uses Czech turbines, and Sichuan Deyang Erzhong Machine Tool Factory uses heavy-duty machine beds from Czech CKDBLANSKO. However, Czech machine tool companies have not yet entered China on a large scale. On the one hand, Czech companies mainly focus on Western Europe. On the other hand, Czech small and medium-sized enterprises are afraid of the fierce competition environment in the Chinese market. At present, the way for the Czech Republic to participate in the competition in the Chinese market is to join multinational companies that have entered China and share more business information. In the future, the Czech government will continue to provide financial support for Czech machine tool companies to set up representative offices in China, and organize Czech machine tool manufacturers to participate in various exhibitions and seminars held in China, improve economic and commercial institutions in China, and gradually improve their presence in China. market share.
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