The decisive factors in polishing machine effect have?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
1, the workpiece surface condition in the process of machining, polishing machine tool material surface will be damaged by heat, internal stress and other factors. Improper cutting parameters affect the polishing effect. Electrical discharge machining surface is much more difficult than machining heat treatment or surface grinding. Edm, therefore, should be performed before the end of the electrical discharge machining, otherwise will form the surface hardening thin layer. For example, if improperly use precise formal and edm must choose in the school, the depth of the thermal shock layer can reach 0. 4 mm. Hardening of the thin layer of hardness is higher than the hardness of matrix, and must be removed. Therefore, it is better to join the coarse grinding, provide good foundation for polishing processing. 2, quality of steel workers hand must also very clean. Plastic mold polishing industry is very different to the requirement of polishing surface polishing, strictly speaking, plastic mold polishing should be referred to as the mirror finishing. It not only have high request for polishing itself, but also for the surface smoothness, also requires a high degree of smoothness and geometric accuracy. Mirror polishing standard is divided into four levels: A 0 = R a0. 008 meters, A 1 = 0 R A. 016 meters, A 3 = 0 R A. 032 m, 4 = r a fine steel is the premise of good polishing quality. In order to achieve good polishing effect, must be marked at the start of machining workpiece polishing surface roughness, when the workpiece to determine the need for surface polishing, must choose the polishing performance of steel and heat treatment, otherwise you won't achieve the desired effect. 3, heat treatment process of 0. 063 meters, electrolytic polishing, polishing fluid is difficult to complete in order to ensure that the geometry precision of parts, and chemical polishing, ultrasonic polishing and surface quality of magnetic polishing method cannot meet the requirements, so the mould precision mirror processing or mechanical polishing. Polishing matters needing attention are as follows: ( 1) When the new cavity processing, should first check the workpiece surface, wash surface with kerosene, non-stick oil stone surface dirt, result in the loss function of cutting. ( 2) First after coarse grinding coarse difficulty after order, especially some difficult corner grinding, grinding deep bottom first, edge grinding and big plane at last. ( 3) Part of the workpiece can have multiple sets of playing polishing, coarse grinding or fire lines the individual artifacts with grinding, polishing smooth together all artifacts. ( 4) For larger plane or side artifacts, with stone first remove coarse, with a flat steel plate pervious to light detection, check for uneven torque or bad situation, such as torque, remove difficulties or workpiece drawing will result in artifacts. ( 5) In order to prevent mould on development or have certain combination of surface protection, can use a saw blade or sand paper and paste on the edge, so that we can get the ideal protection effect. ( 6) Research for mould before and after the plane pull pull, will handle flattening, sharpening slope shoulds not be more than 25 degrees, force is too large, easy to cause the workpiece on the grinding out a large number of coarse grains. ( 7) Using copper or bamboo sand paper burnish on the workpiece surface, sand paper shall not be greater than the tools area, or be to should not be polishing. ( 8) Try not to use polishing machine, the parting surface for grinding head the parting surface is rough, there are waves, grinding head must adhere to the concentricity balance when necessary. ( 9) The shape of the grinding tool should be close to the surface of the mold shape, in order to ensure the workpiece grinding deformation does not occur. If improper heat treatment, steel surface hardness uneven or feature is different, can cause difficulty polishing. 4. Polishing technology due to the polishing is mainly artificial to complete, so the person's skills is still the main reason affecting the quality of polishing. It is generally believed polishing process will influence the surface roughness. In fact, good polishing process should be combined with a high quality steel and proper heat treatment process, in order to obtain satisfactory polishing effect. On the contrary, the polishing process is not good, can't afford to even steel good mirror effect.
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