The definition of numerical control woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
CNC is actually a kind of mechanical control mode, according to the numerical control original definition, adopts the model of digital control machine tool, as long as the control signal can be referred to as the numerical control machine tool. So the concept of numerical control woodworking machine is very precise, as to show what is the mode of it doesn't matter, but different display modes often embodies the level of numerical control. If according to this definition, as long as the woodworking machinery used in the process of production of the digital signal control, PLC, industrial computer as the master device, such as adopting digital screen can be called numerical control woodworking machinery. But only the computer screen, and even have animation simulation, and the control cabinet is still controlled by relay and contactor woodworking machinery cannot be numerical control woodworking machinery. Touch screen display, a display and digital display tube machine tools can only be called a digital display, these show the original is just the follower of numerical control, rather than make up the bulk of this nc. Numerical control woodworking machinery, therefore, is defined as: the mode of digital control and digital display output control results of woodworking machinery. Only adopts touch screen and PLC control, the use of stepper motor driver belongs to the low-grade numerical control woodworking machinery; Using upper and lower position machine control respectively, dynamic simulation and display function, can realize continuous automatic processing of all belong to the high-grade CNC woodworking machinery; Between the two belong to mid-range numerical control woodworking machinery.
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