The development direction of numerical control woodworking lathe manufacturer

by:Gewinn     2020-04-19
Numerical control woodworking lathe factory now need most is the key technology of autonomous development of breakthrough, need to pay attention to the development of energy saving, reliable, and environmental protection, efficient and intelligent high performance products, to further increase the technological content of products, enhance the level of green design and production, innovative service mode, reduce environmental pollution, reduce resource consumption, pay attention to together to improve economic benefits and social benefits. In recent years, our country on the basis of the major projects, major technical equipment, technology and equipment, and common technology research and equipment import and export and so on are introduced a series of policy, benefit to the numerical control lathe industry, which has played a positive role in promoting. Numerical control woodworking lathe manufacturers need to make good use of the favorable policy of the country, with the development of the product quality as the fundamental, use technological innovation to promote the upgrading of product, with independent growth combined with foreign cooperation to achieve leapfrog development, efforts to build its own unique connotation of enterprise culture and national brand.
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