The development of nc industry development direction and introduction?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-27
In the numerical control industry, the development of numerical control woodworking lathe is how, what is the development direction of our manufacturer, according to these details below, we introduce you to everybody. From the perspective of the market of woodworking CNC lathe in front of, the low-end products occupy a large market share and more high-end equipment is relatively scarce. And high-grade CNC machine tool is the aerospace, automotive, Marine and power generation equipment manufacturing required, the four major categories are indispensable industry promotion. The current enterprise are production mid-range woodworking CNC lathe is given priority to, although the industrial structure can temporarily brings to the enterprise profits, but from the perspective of the direction of long-term, a woodworking CNC lathe to emerge in a large, gain a foothold in the market, must have independent intellectual property rights of high-end equipment. Enterprise as long as pay attention to the integration of resources, accomplish resources integration after the merger, real talent to complete the purpose of the acquisition. Requirements emphasize that the there are many obstacles to making for the acquired enterprise integration after the merger, especially form barriers, obstacles such as the business philosophy, corporate culture, etc. , these soft resources integration than hard resources integration more difficult.
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