The development of woodworking machinery manufacturers, numerical control lathe prices

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Numerical control technology is to point to use Numbers, words and symbols of digital command to achieve one or more machinery equipment action control technology. Numerical control is generally realized by using general or specialized computer digital process control, applied to machinery, CNC lathe will occur. Also known as CNC lathes, CNC lathes computer numerical control lathe, namely domestic usage is the largest, the most widely coverage of a CNC machine tool. Numerical control lathe, turning center, is a kind of high precision, high efficiency of automatic machine tools. It has a wide range of process performance, machinable straight cylindrical, slash cylinder, circular arc, and all kinds of thread. Compensated by linear interpolation, arc interpolation function, and in the mass production of complex parts in good economic effect. The emergence of CNC lathe price, speed up the development of the industry.
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