The development prospects of CNC punch press

by:Gewinn     2020-03-27
Today's industrial production, the product development cycle and manufacturing cycle shorter, more and more high to the quality of the product requirement, at the same time, the product variety is also more and more, the product batch is becoming more and more small, it is a challenge for the sheet metal industry, and thus require sheet metal processing equipment with high productivity, high flexibility and low cost of production. In order to cater to the processing concept, domestic and foreign manufacturers to develop and perfect the design and manufacturing technology, for the sheet metal processing industry provides a series of CNC sheet metal processing equipment, such as CNC punch press is one of them. Gaomi city embellish chang simple nc machine factory main products are CNC punch press, CNC punch, CNC turret punch press, the country the most professional manufacturers of CNC punch press, shandong is the core of forging machinery manufacturing enterprises, is one of the member of China machine tool corporation.
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