The development prospects of woodworking machinery in China

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
The development prospects of woodworking machinery in China

now the woodworking machinery industry after the world more than two hundred years of continuous improvement, improve, improve, has developed into more than 120 series, 4000 kinds of products of all kinds, annual output value of over $10 billion manufacturing industry. China also has been a mechanical manufacturing power, but to be strong, still need a batch of high and new technical standards and conform to the technical requirements of international standards as the support of our country. In the current economic environment, such as China woodworking machinery industry must strengthen the construction of its own standard, so as to adapt to and meet the needs of economic development.

global woodworking machinery towards improving the utilization ratio of wood, wood processing accuracy, improve production efficiency and the degree of automation, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and pollution-free direction. Furniture industry along with the market demand, raising the level of the woodworking machinery standardization, specialization of production, improve product quality, develop new varieties, improve labor productivity, the requirement of resource saving etc. More and more is also high.

the development of our economy, increasingly close cooperation with the international market, also promotes the development of advanced science and technology constantly innovation, the development of woodworking machinery to go out, and to absorb foreign advanced technology, to transform traditional industries with information, make the optimization and upgrading of; With scientific research as the forerunner, strengthen basic theory research, promote woodworking machinery manufacturing industry science and technology progress, product constantly upgrading, development of new products with independent intellectual property rights; Want serious research situation, based on domestic, self development road.

woodworking machinery specialized production is to reduce the production investment, improve the grade of product quality, technical level and production efficiency is an effective way. Efforts to achieve product specialized production is the important way to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. There are many different kinds of woodworking machinery products, the production specialization is imperative. Specialized production is advantageous to the professional division of labor, to focus on all aspects of advantages, in a market economy of high efficiency, high quality production of woodworking machinery products; Is conducive to creating a favorable market environment, avoid vicious competition; Is advantageous to the personalized service, to adapt to the instability of production requirements, to facilitate procurement market.

woodworking machinery production of high-end, the brand is the only way for enterprise development. Only attach great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, product invention patents, encourage design innovation, to promote the benign development of woodworking machinery in China, in an impregnable position in the international market competition.
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