The development status of Japan's bearing industry, a powerhouse of precision bearing production

by:Gewinn     2022-04-29
After joining the WTO, the competition of my country's mechanical and electrical products in the international and domestic markets has become increasingly fierce. How to make the domestic bearing industry continue to develop in the fierce market competition, improve product quality, open up new potential markets, and increase the share and competitiveness of bearing products in the international market is an urgent problem for the domestic bearing industry at present. Japan is a powerful country in the production of precision bearings, and is at the forefront of the world in product development, design and manufacturing, technological level, product quality and production equipment. In order to further understand the current situation of bearing production and market in Japan, at the invitation of the mayor of Kobe, Japan, the Chinese bearing industry delegation jointly organized by the Planning and Marketing Department of the China Machinery Industry Federation and the Machinery Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade recently visited Japan. The 10-day visit was a complete success. The delegation was headed by Song Xiaogang, Deputy Secretary-General of China Machinery Industry Federation, and Sun Zhenbin, consultant of the Planning and Marketing Department of China Machinery Industry Federation, and senior expert in China's bearing industry. The members of the delegation were China Bearing Industry Association, Harbin Bearing Group Corporation, Luoyang Bearing Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing Changjiang Bearing Industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xinchang Ximike Bearing Co., Ltd., and Fujian Nan'an Bearing Co., Ltd. are composed of 13 units with a total of 24 people. After visiting Japanese bearing manufacturers, the members of the delegation were deeply impressed by the advanced production technology adopted by Japanese enterprises. After returning to China, he soon applied some technologies and management methods to his own enterprise. Through the communication and exchanges between the leaders of the bearing enterprises of China and Japan, the trade work between the Chinese and Japanese enterprises has been further promoted. During the visit and inspection, the members of the delegation believed that the production and operation of Japanese bearing enterprises have the following characteristics: First, advanced technology and equipment, high product manufacturing level and high work efficiency. Walking into the production workshop of a Japanese company, rows of equipment are neatly stacked, the motor is roaring, and there are very few operators in the workshop. For standard bearings with large batches, each person is basically responsible for 1 to 2 production lines. A series of processing procedures from parts feeding, clamping, processing, inspection to cleaning, assembly, oiling, packaging, etc. are completely completed by high-precision and efficient automated equipment, advanced processing and testing technologies, such as adaptive grinding technology, online Measurement technology, fault self-diagnosis technology, etc. have been widely used, thereby reducing the unqualified product quality caused by human factors, and the work efficiency is very high. Another example is the production of automatic ball bearing grinding and processing lines by Japanese bearing companies. One is the process and equipment flow of automatic grinding and processing lines. There are 18 equipments for the inner and outer rings of an automatic line, and one person takes care of 2 automatic grinding lines. The 6200 grinding super-line cycle time is 4.8 seconds/piece. There are 8 automatic lines in the workshop, which are supervised by 4 people, and the monthly output is 1 million sets. Another automatic grinding line consists of 27 pieces of equipment, with only 2 people taking care of them, with a monthly output of 400,000 sets. The second is to create a specialized production pattern and maintain a high-quality brand. The production of Japanese bearing enterprises is mainly the heat treatment process, the grinding process and the assembly process. All rough machining processes and parts are outsourced, and each part is supplied by 2 to 3 companies and companies. This specialized production pattern has created good benefits for the enterprise, and the labor productivity is as high as 3 million yuan per person. Whether it is NSK or NTN, the reason why it is famous in the world is undoubtedly due to its excellent quality. For the ultra-high precision requirements of customers, they consistently report the highest reliability. They advocate the standardization of production in global production bases. Nearly half of NSK brand ball bearings are produced in overseas factories, which can also maintain the same level of high quality as those produced in Japan. Because of this, NSK and NTN products with bearings as the leader are always in sync with the cutting-edge technology of the times. The third is to adjust the industrial structure to meet market demand. In the process of structural adjustment, Japanese bearing companies have changed their market strategies and changed their blind attack to advancing and retreating. Its strategic features are: implementation of closing, stopping, merging, turning, and optimizing the combination. Expand the market for superior products and shrink the market for weak products. General-purpose bearings are adjusted in the direction of large quantities and low cost; multi-variety and small-batch bearing products are adjusted in the direction of units. Japanese companies generally attach great importance to product development and, on the premise that the economy has no borders, are based on global development strategies. It has continuously launched its own special products, and can put forward new products that meet the requirements of the host according to the needs of users before the host is put into use, which has won the trust of consumers around the world. Fourth, Japanese bearing enterprises pay attention to the development of manufacturing technology and process. Among the manufacturers visited by the delegation, the enterprises are all highly automated production and online automatic detection. But on the production line, not all the equipment is the most advanced, some are still the equipment in the 1960s or 1970s, (some enterprises in our country have eliminated these equipments), but they can be combined with the production line, and can guarantee Product quality, thanks to Japanese companies' general emphasis on the development of production technology. Most of the companies visited by the delegation are production plants, but the technology development departments have strong development capabilities. While attaching importance to the development of new products, they also pay attention to the development and innovation of production technologies and processes to ensure product quality.
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