The development trend of Chinese woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-06-24
The basic situation of Chinese woodworking machinery industry over the past 20 years, rapid development of Chinese woodworking machinery, has from the import dependent to independent production. Because China's woodworking machinery products in the production or price advantage, China has now become a production of woodworking machinery power. Affected by the global financial crisis in 2009, domestic woodworking machinery market scale growth is slowing, but as the global economic environment, furniture manufacturing, wood doors, cabinets and other downstream industry demand increases, China woodworking machinery market in 2010 with the rapid growth of export scale back. In 2011, the Chinese woodworking machinery industry, the size of the market in 277. 4. 4 billion yuan. In 2012 China woodworking machinery market size is about 23. 3 billion yuan. The main reason for decline in 2012 woodworking machinery market scale is a decline in its industry segment man-made board machinery market scale is relatively obvious, at the same time, forestry machinery, wood products also fell. In China under the background of the woodworking machinery market size is decreasing, due to the rapid development of custom furniture, and machinery more applied in some real wood veneered board type furniture more than 5 mm solid wood furniture or floor processing, therefore, the scale of board type furniture machinery industry market is still rising slightly. At present, China woodworking machinery products are mainly sold to the European Union, the United States, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, southeast Asia and Australia and other countries and regions, including the United States and Germany is China's largest export market of woodworking machinery. China's exports of woodworking machinery products have been dominant in the low-end market, which saw, precision linear sealing side machine, sanding machine, automatic planer, and many other products have been opened to the international market channels. The future of central and South America, Middle East, Africa and other emerging market demand gradually expanding, for the Chinese woodworking machinery of the relatively high cost performance products will bring huge development opportunities. At the same time, with the gradual improvement of the Chinese woodworking machinery products technical level, domestic enterprises in developed markets such as Europe and the United States would gain more market share. China woodworking machinery import source is relatively concentrated, in 2013, Germany and China Taiwan is still China woodworking machinery's two largest source of imports, both total imports accounted for the proportion of woodworking machinery imports more than 58%.
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