The difference between numerical control woodworking lathe and ordinary lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-14
Numerical control woodworking lathe is used for processing wood a new wood processing equipment, compared with the ordinary wood lathe, has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision of process. Following a brief introduction of numerical control woodworking lathe application characteristics. 1, used the closed or semi-closed guard, CNC woodworking lathe adopts closed protection device, can prevent the scraps or cutting fluid, bring accident injury to the operator. 2, USES the automatic chip removal device CNC lathe are mostly USES the slant bed structure layout, chip removal is convenient, easy to use automatic chip removal machine. 3, high spindle speed, safe and reliable clamping workpiece. CNC lathe are mostly adopted the hydraulic clamping, convenient and reliable clamping force adjustment, at the same time reduce the labor intensity of the operators. 4, automatic tool change CNC lathe of automatic rotary tool carrier, has been adopted in the process of machining can be automatic tool change, continuous to complete the whole process. 5, the main and feed drive separation of CNC lathe main transmission and feed transmission adopted the independent servo motor, make it simple, reliable transmission chain, at the same time, the motor as well as individual sports, also can realize multi-axis linkage.
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