The difference between numerical control woodworking lathe and ordinary wood lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
With the development of modern industry, the woodworking lathe industry, equipment type, the type and let the customer have no choice. Especially on the choice of numerical control woodworking lathe and ordinary lathe is hard to judge, in order to let all customers can choose suitable devices for their own use, we are here to say to you about the difference between numerical control woodworking lathe and ordinary lathe. And ordinary lathe numerical control woodworking lathe has many similarities, mainly in the processing method and content, and the difference is mainly control mode. Nc machine tools according to the international, national, or the manufacturer of digital or coding way, the displacement of various machinery, operation parameters, auxiliary functions represented in Numbers or text symbols, can through to recognize and deal with these symbols of microelectronic system into electrical signals; Using the electrical components related to electrical energy into mechanical energy, to achieve the required mechanical movement, so as to complete machining task. When using ordinary lathe processing, in terms of a procedure, the processing steps, machine tool motion sequence, feeding line and related the selection of cutting parameter, are made by operators based on personal experience and the technical process to consider and determine, control and manual operation. Such as imitation type milling machine, the machining process can be automated, but its control mode is through modeling and pneumatic or mechanical pressure profile of the organization. With the numerical control machine tool processing, will be in advance will be various operating content and machine tool action, according to the rules of programs arrangement into digital form records in the control medium, realizes the person and the machine tool. When processing, the digital information on the control medium type nc machine tool control system, control system to operation and control of input information, and constantly to direct machine movement of the mechanical and electrical functions send pulse signal conversion device, machine tool servo mechanism, servo mechanism of the pulse signal conversion and amplification processing, and machine tool driven by a drive mechanism movement, according to the programming can automatic processing the parts needed to shape. According to the above introduction, can easily choose the suitable equipment, avoid blind choice. We will continue to report information about numerical control woodworking lathe, also please continue to pay attention to our website.
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