The difference between numerical control woodworking lathe with ordinary lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-22
Planning way and the general lathe of numerical control woodworking lathe is generally the same, but the CNC woodworking lathe tool rest and guide rail way of planning has very big change, a direct impact on lathe the use of performance and the structure and appearance of the machine tool. In addition, the lathe have closed protective equipment. A, head of planning is divided into line type head and rotary tool rest two kinds big. The current two coordinates linkage CNC lathe choose rotary tool rest more, it there are two ways of planning on the machine. One is used for processing plate parts rotary tool post, the rotating shaft parallel to the main shaft; Another kind is used for manufacturing axial and plate parts rotary tool carrier, the rotating shaft and main shaft vertical. Four axes control CNC lathe, the bed body device has two separate skateboard and rotary tool rest, also known as double four-axis CNC lathe. Of each tool rest on its cutting feed is a separate control, so the two different parts of the tool rest can cutting the same artifacts together, already expanded the processing scale, progress in processing power, suitable for processing mixed and disorderly, batch larger shape parts, such as crankshaft, aircraft parts, etc. Second, planning of lathe bed and guide rail. Numerical control lathe bed guide rail horizontal plane relative orientation. 1. Flat bed inclined slide planning. The perspective of its guide skew respectively 30 °, 45 °, 60 ° and 75 °, etc. When the guide skew point of view is 90 °, is called the vertical lathe bed. Small skewed perspective, chip removal is not convenient; Skewed perspective, guide the orientation and the stress condition is poor. The skewed perspective of intrusive also directly affect the machine dimensions height and width of the share. Considering the above factors, medium and small specifications of the numerical control lathe, the lathe bed of skew with 60 ° advisable. 2. Flat bed inclined slide planning. This way of planning with horizontal lathe bed manufacturability good characteristics on one hand, on the other hand, the level of the scale of the machine tool width configuration skateboarding is smaller, and chip removal is very convenient. Flat bed oblique slide and lathe bed way of planning was generally choose by medium and small CNC lathe. This is because the two types of planning chip removal is simple, hot chip won't pile up on the guide rail, also facilitate device active chip removal device; Operation is convenient, easy to manipulator device, to complete the single active; Machine cover an area of an area small, beautiful appearance, easy to complete the closed protection. 3. Flat bed planning. Its good manufacturability, easy to guide the processing. Horizontal lathe bed with horizontal tool post, progressive movement precision of the tool holder. This program can be used for large CNC lathe usually or small fine numerical control lathe. But lower horizontal lathe bed because the space is little, so the chip removal difficult. Look from the construction scale, long rest placed so that slide transverse scales, and then increased the structure of the machine tool width dimension. More than to difference between numerical control woodworking lathe and detailed analysis of the general lathe, hope to bring you help.
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