The difference between the grinding machine and polishing machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
The difference between the grinding machine and polishing machine: according to different processing technology, the surface treatment can be divided into grinding, grinding and polishing. The corresponding products can be divided into the grinding machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, and rust remover. Before completion of surface processing refers to processing to the processed object surface smooth, deburring, and polishing processing. Grinding has two main process characteristics, one is from grinding the surface of the object to remove a small amount of metal materials, the second is to grinding processing the surface of the object, make the surface more smooth. Introduction: grinder of abrasive grinding wheel or file. Grinding machine is used for surface finishing and polishing, make it smooth and ready for painting. The commonly used in terms of working parameters, grinding machine, low power and high speed. Polishing machine introduction: polishing machine abrasive abrasive belt. On the task of it is polished last surface, make it smooth and bright, showing a perfect texture. In terms of working parameters, polishing machine adopts medium/low power, medium speed. Grinding and polishing machine can be used for industrial and maintenance level in the auto industry, sheet metal processing factory, workshop and furniture to achieve smooth surface. As the change of automotive materials, such as varnish coating, composite materials and plastic, the end user need to match different grinding machine and polishing machine. It has the most complete series grinding machine, polishing machine and soft rubber, from the traditional tools to remove heavy materials, to achieve excellent control and bright on the surface of the new tool. Pneumatic grinding machines and polishing machines are classified as together & other; Finishing tools & throughout; 。 Pneumatic disc, belt grinding machine using coated with coatings and sand paper in the form of a grinding tool, is supported by flexible gasket or Velcro pads. Pneumatic polishing machine is a kind of low-speed polishing machine with a polishing pad used for polishing paint, metal or plastic, in order to obtain high gloss polishing effect.
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