The dividing method of numerical control woodworking lathe machining process

by:Gewinn     2020-04-14
Speaking of numerical control woodworking lathe believe that everyone is very familiar with, it is now one of the most used equipment in wood processing enterprises. It is not only high machining efficiency and cost savings. But now there are a lot of people for numerical control woodworking lathe machining process is not very understanding, then below small make up to introduce to you. ( 1) Tools focus points sequence method is used according to the classification process, with the same finish cutting tool machining parts on all parts can be finished. With the first ErBaDao, third complete they can rest. Which can decrease The Times of change knife compression idle time, reduce unnecessary positioning error. ( 2) Machining parts points sequence method for processing content of many parts, according to the characteristics of its structure, CNC lathe processing part is divided into several parts, such as the shape, shape, surface or plane, etc. General processing plane, positioning surface first, after processing hole; Simple geometric shapes, and then processing complex geometry; Low precision machining parts, and then higher parts machining accuracy requirements. ( 3) Easy happening by rough and finish machining sequence method for machining deformation of parts, due to the deformation of CNC lathe can occur after rough machining to the school, so in general every to be rough and finish machining of the separate process. Above the dividing method of numerical control woodworking lathe machining process, hope to be of service.
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