The EU machine tool industry is basically stable and the economic situation is gradually improving

by:Gewinn     2022-05-02
According to the new index released by the European Union Machine Tool Industry Association (CECIMO), the CECIMO Business Prosperity Barometer, the EU machine tool industry is basically stable at present, and the economic situation is gradually improving. The number of orders held by enterprises increased slightly, 60% of enterprises believed that demand was stable, and 27% of enterprises expected an increase in orders. 42% of enterprises believe that the export potential has increased, and most of them still have spare capacity. In October 2013, the MT-IX index fell 1 point month-on-month to 196 points. The market value of machine tool manufacturers in Japan and South Korea has declined, and the capital markets of companies in the United States, Taiwan, and the EU have performed better. Although EU companies believe that the crisis is not over, demand will not drop too much. Companies are worried about investment in new production capacity. Investments in areas with growth potential. The MT-IX index is based on the market value of 23 leading and listed machine tool manufacturers in the world. The market value of these companies is weighted according to the proportion of machine tool turnover in total revenue. The calculated total market value can also evaluate the global market value of European companies. Share of total output (2005u003d100).
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