The five aspects to understand CNC lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Nc lathe as one of the most widely used nc machine tools today, it is mainly used for machining shaft, plate set, of axially symmetrical parts can complete automatically by the program control inside and outside the cylinder, cone and circular arc, thread cutting, and cutting, drilling, expanding, reaming, such as work, and in recent years to develop the numerical control turning center and CNC milling center, make can accomplish more in a clamping processing working procedure, improve the processing quality and production efficiency, therefore particularly suitable for processing of axially symmetrical parts of complex shape. Numerical control lathe for advantages as follows: 1, high rigid 45 degrees of inclined type tubular hollow bed as a whole. 2, high rigidity, high speed, high precision spindle. 3 screw straight league, servo motor, sliding surface model or line rail, high transmission efficiency, high precision. 4, modular design, reasonable layout is compact, use convenient maintenance. 5, suitable for high precision and size consistency requirements of batch production.
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