The four machinery maintenance points

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
Woodworking machinery has many characteristics, of great help for our carpentry work, although there are certain deficiencies in some respects, but suitable for mechanical maintenance and maintenance or very be necessary, the following is to introduce you to important four about woodworking machinery maintenance point. 1, first of all, everyone before the use of woodworking machinery, for woodworking machinery parts have a certain understanding, know the function of some of the main parts of the woodworking machinery, for example, glue pot near by the board out of the glue will get other parts, which affects the normal work of the woodworking machinery. 2, woodworking machinery, when hung edge trimming will be under a lot of cutting edge banding crumbs, even if the woodworking machinery have own aspiration device will not will be treated as its very clean, dancing around the sealing sideband crumbs falling into all parts of the machinery, if not timely cleaning can cause the next time you use a card machine phenomenon, so every time when finished with the woodworking machinery equipment must first be cleaned up around. 3, the operation of the site inspection on a regular basis, machinery in use after a period of time, everyone to his various sliding and rolling parts of the check, whether there are abnormal noise temperature. 4, woodworking machinery co. , LTD. , remind, regularly to machinery for refueling, ensure the normal operation of machinery.
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