The function of the speed reducer in wood sanding machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
Reducer is an important component of the woodworking sander, just as its name implies is to have the effect of slowing down, it is a closed in the casing of gear, it consists of gear or worm gear and worm, which can be used to change the rotational speed and torque, between the two axis is widely used in engineering. Reducer is mainly composed of housing, gear, shaft, bearing, etc. Planetary gear reducer box body is not more subdivision of monolithic, such easy to guarantee the machining precision, but the installation is difficult. Generally in the reducer, woodworking sander facilities more choose rolling bearing, and a bearing cap regulate bearing gap with gasket. To check the gear meshing and smooth to the casing in oil, the box cover on the hole, hole has visual hole cover to cover. Depending on the hole cover is often placed on the vent plug, when the casing air expands, due to temperature rise can discharge. Reducer of smooth is vital to guarantee the normal work of the reducer. It can cut down on the surface of the gear and bearing touch conflict and wear and tear, at the same time can also heat dissipation, rust and reduce the noise. Smooth reducer gear the commonly used method is to gear oil immersion bath in the pool, to smooth the oil was taken to the gear appearance of smooth, in order to avoid the agitation power loss is too big, the depth of the gear oil pool shoulds not be too deep. Generally in 1 - Two depth. Low level gear tip circle from the bottom should not be less than 30 - At the mercy of 50 mm, in order to avoid the bottom sludge was taken to the tooth surface debris. When the gear at high speed, smooth oil was dumped on the ring gear to the box on the wall, and formed by splashing oil mist, and the bearing can be directly by the oil mist is smooth. When the gear speed is low, but after opening in the box seat of oil groove to jilt to the oil gathering box cover after smooth flow into the bearing. When gear circumferential velocity is too high, it is necessary to choose oil circulation is smooth, the smooth oil by oil pump through a pipeline to demand smooth smooth. If the gear speed is very low, can be smooth bearing with smooth and fat. To see the overall smooth oil is appropriate, should be equipped with standard oil. In the bottom of the nearby also equipped with oil discharge hole and oil plug. About the reducer of woodworking sander is introduced here, then we will also in view of the control system, transmission system, to introduce related, welcome the attention.
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