The functions of the parts of the woodworking machinery flat plane worktable

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
Woodworking machinery workbench is lumber planing operating platform, by the former, after the two pieces of work table, guide rod, working table lifting mechanism, etc. They all have their own characteristics, in use function is as follows: short after long before work bedplate, guiding role, make the planing has stable plane benchmark; Short in front and higher behind both the height difference of cutting depth. Bedplate USES cast iron structure, installed on both sides of cutter axis, planing tool axis length, side near the knife shaft with a pointed piece of steel plate, forming the workbench and opening of the knife axis, damage to the steel plate, facilitate maintenance and replacement, the part called the lip. Guide feet across between the workbench, stand on the outside of the fuselage, benchmark as a guide to the side of the wood. Lifting device can be adjusted working table height and planing openings. In addition, Ming xin wei woodworking machinery flat plane worktable, before use for mesa should level off, smooth, can not have pit bump, prevent the wood through the bounce, side fall and cause damage.
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