The future development direction of CNC punch press

by:Gewinn     2020-03-29
With the development of science and technology, the rise of the world's advanced manufacturing technology and matures, puts forward higher requirements on nc machining technology, ultra high speed cutting, application of ultra-precision processing technology to every part of the performance index of CNC punch press put forward higher requirements. Today's numerical control punch are constantly using the latest technical achievement, toward high speed, high precision, multi-functional and intelligent, systematic and development direction, such as high reliability, embodied in the following respects. High speed and high precision, speed and accuracy are two important indicators of CNC punch press, it is directly related to the processing efficiency and product quality, especially in ultra high speed cutting, the implementation of the ultra precision machining technology, its each coordinate axis displacement speed and positioning precision of nc machine tools are put forward higher requirements; Which requires the higher the displacement speed, the harder it is to improve the positioning precision. Modern CNC punch press is equipped with high performance nc system and servo system, the displacement resolution and feed speed can reach 1 hm. To achieve higher speed, higher accuracy of indicators, mainly in the following several aspects to take measures for research. Multi-functional ( 1) CNC punching machine with one machine can, in order to maximize the utilization rate of equipment. ( 2) The front desk processing, the background editing function of Taiwan before and after, to fully improve the work efficiency and machine utilization. ( 3) Have a higher communication function, the modern nc machine tools in addition to have the function of DNC communication mouth, also has the function of the network. Intelligent ( 1) The introduction of adaptive control technology ( 2) Using fault self-diagnosis, self-healing function the function mainly refers to the use of the inside program to realize the online fault diagnosis of CNC system, once the failure, take immediate steps to stop, etc, and the fault alarm with the CRT, prompt the region and the reasons of failure and so on, and use & other; Redundant & throughout; Technology, automatic fault module offline, through to the standby module. ( 3) Automatic detection and automatic tool change function (the knives' service life 4) The pattern recognition technology in nc machining process, application of image recognition and voice control technology, make the machine to recognize patterns, carried out in accordance with the natural language command processing. High reliability, the reliability of nc machine tool has been users care about most is the main index, it depends on the reliability of the numerical control system and the servo drive unit, in order to improve the reliability, the main measures to take the following several aspects: ( 1) Improve the quality of the system hardware. ( 2) Using hardware structure modularization, standardization, generalization. ( 3) Enhance the fault self-diagnosis, since the restoration and protection function. In addition to the above several aspects, CNC punching machine nc system is miniaturization, CNC programming automation direction.
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