The future of woodworking machinery in China

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Future of woodworking machinery in China

with the rapid development of economic construction and engineering technology, mechanical woodworking industry in China from a large number of imported foreign advanced technology gradually turn to independent research and development of interior design phase, it is easy to find, in recent years, all kinds of high quality, high precision and automation of numerical control technology widely used. The improvement of numerical control technology to the modernization has brought the rapid momentum of woodworking machinery, mainly for the three points:

1, foreign wood machine technical exchanges, and sales agents and lively. The consumption of woodworking machinery enterprises in our country once out of the country, they are in the introduction of foreign advanced processing, installation and debugging technique at the same time, we want to introduce advanced foreign propaganda, sales, and good after-sales service strategy introduced the key technology of our country individual equipment needs CNC hardware platform and supporting technology to introduce foreign woodworking equipment of noise reduction technology import fill the blank of the domestic wood and man-made board machinery technology. Woodworking machinery distributor in our country should also go abroad, to meet foreign woodworking machinery consumption, promote international communication.

2, waste application development is a prominent feature of the equipment. Domestic application technology of wood in once into the market economy period, profit once arrived in the uniform of the market economy, the severe competition scene makes the application of wood efficiency become the key of enterprise survival. Woodworking machinery industry should be leftovers for enterprise applications, such as sawdust application consumption out rods, carbon rod device, lumber and wood fiber processing residue specific request of equipment, etc.

3, develop mass consumption wood line a full set of numerical control equipment. For decades, nc representative ornamental engraving and milling machine of numerical control woodworking machinery times once in the past, mass consumption wood CNC equipment development period once arrival. Along with the expansion of our furniture and flooring industry, mass consumption to reduce the capital, the progress of profits and labor consumption rate task was very prominent. Chair legs automatic up-down material and transfer processing is machining center and nc machining robots, close to the computer integration degree.
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