the gamble of tunnelling light rail downtown

by:Gewinn     2019-08-08
For all those who support the light
The railway tunnel in the city center, there is a warning here.
Ontario Power Generation is building a tunnel through Adam Baker electric power from Niagara Falls.
Unfortunately, the huge tunnel
Boring machine to do this job (
Called Big Becky)
Dangerous rock conditions have been met.
Now, a large cost overrun is being considered by the company.
The initial estimated cost of the project was $0. 985 billion, but now the cost of the tunnel could be as high as $1.
6 billion, three years late.
This is the problem with underground drilling.
You never know what you will get.
During the construction of the large trench on Highway 416 East of Bell point, water caused delays and problems for builders.
After the workers discovered the water, the woodrov underground passage on the rail track north of farofei Road was paralyzed.
Becky may strike when the downtown of Becky watunnelling is boring, it is always a gamble and the result will be very bad.
Delays and cost overruns can be a problem.
At least if the city builds light rail in the street, it is likely to stay within the cost parameters and finish on time.
Not to mention the low cost of ground and underground railways.
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