The German 3.5m CNC heavy duty sleeping car will be put into production in Wanli soon

by:Gewinn     2022-05-23
Recently, another key equipment of Wanli Company, the German 3.5×20.5m/350t CNC heavy-duty sleeper, has been successfully commissioned. Next, the processing of two large backup rollers will be ushered in to maximize the effectiveness of the annual production target. The 3.5m heavy truck is the key equipment introduced by Wanli from Zigen, Germany. The maximum processing diameter is 3500mm, the maximum processing length is 20.5m, and the bearing capacity reaches 350t. The installation work is different from the past. Foreign personnel provide on-site technical guidance, and a temporary equipment installation team composed of electric fitters and related auxiliary personnel in the equipment department is responsible for the specific installation and debugging of this equipment. Since the beginning of the year, all members of the installation team have overcome various difficulties, given up various holidays including the Spring Festival, and devoted themselves to equipment installation in a race against time. Under the close cooperation of driving and lifting, the installation team finally successfully completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment after more than 100 days of hard work. After testing, the static accuracy, dynamic accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy and specimen accuracy of the 3.5m CNC heavy-duty lathe are all within the tolerance range. Its delivery has once again enhanced the processing strength of the group company in the field of heavy-duty nuclear power rotors and back-up roller finishing, and also added luster to the convening of the 11th party congress of the group company.
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