The German machine tool industry rebounded rapidly in the first quarter of 2011

by:Gewinn     2022-06-08
In the first quarter of 2011, orders for the German machine tool industry showed a triple-digit growth rate. Compared to the same period in 2010, orders for German machine tools rose by 130% from January to March. Among them, domestic demand and exports developed almost the same momentum: domestic demand orders rose by 127%, while overseas orders rose by 132%. 'The machine tool department is now adopting a faster and more aggressive production rate than last autumn“This is reflected in our sales in the first quarter, which grew rapidly at a rate of 45%. The number of orders is already close to the new high for the whole year of 2007. There is also a good performance in terms of capacity utilization, which reached 93.8% in April this year, almost close to At the peak level in 2008. The order backlog reached 8.7 months in February this year, which is also quite close to the peak in 2008. The machine tool sector currently employs 64,100 people, almost the total in 2010. The German machine tool industry ranks among the top five in the country. One of the mechanical engineering business units. It provides the required production technology for metal processing in all industrial sectors and makes an important contribution to increasing the level of industrial productivity. Due to its pivotal position in the output of industrial production, its development It is also one of the important indicators of the economic vitality of the entire industrial sector. In 2010, the German machine tool industry produced products and services with a total output value of 9.9 billion euros and employed 64,100 people (companies with more than 20 people). Compared with 2009, this is equivalent to Industrial output fell by 3 percentage points.
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