The global development trend of woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-06-24
Global woodworking machinery industry the basic situation of woodworking machinery markets around the world are mainly distributed in Europe, Asia and the Pacific and North America. In 2010, the global emerging industrial countries to development of wood processing industry, the woodworking machinery market fast transfer, including the growth of mainland China and Vietnam market the most significant. In 2011, the United States, the impact of the financial crisis has not yet been completely faded, the European sovereign debt crisis, international trade and investment growth fell, the pace of the slowdown in the global economic recovery. In this economic environment, woodworking machinery market demand growth in Europe and North America, lead to global woodworking machinery market scale growth is slowing. The 2011 global woodworking machinery market size is about 137. 0. 6 billion dollars. From the point of global woodworking machinery market, the eu is the largest area of the woodworking machinery imports, followed by Asia. Woodworking machinery imports of main countries and regions including: China, USA, Germany, Russia and France; Woodworking machinery mainly export countries and regions including: Germany, Italy, China and Japan. China's increasingly important status in the woodworking machinery markets around the world, is not only a leading exporter, it is a major importer, the domestic market very strong demand for high-end in woodworking machinery, basic on foreign imports. If domestic companies can strengthen technology research and development, achieve import substitution as soon as possible, will be able to get a more broad market space.
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