The heavy sanding machine safety operation procedures

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Heavy sanding machine A and safety regulations have to operate the machine by sb to prohibit others to operate the machine. 2, before the start of check: 1 voltage, air pressure is normal, whether there is sundry, 2 machine 3 belts are in good condition, 4 governor oil level is normal, 5 fastening screws are tight sand, 6 ir window and reflector is clean, 7 correct grinding machine belt tensioning and 8 check vacuum is normal, 9 grounding are in good condition, 10 compressed air lubricant is enough. Part three, lubrication rotation, swing. Four, tensioning belt and check whether the belt is normal, belt installed in the right direction. 5, open the main power supply and check whether the brake disc is separate. Six, before, start the main motor, check whether the sand frame swing is normal. One by one, to start the main motor, waiting for the normal operation of the first main motor, and then start the second motor. Start the main motor, please observe the belt. Seven, before feeding, oil thickness gauge measuring the size of the workpiece. The height of the belt can be adjusted according to the measured data. Maximum grinding depth should not exceed 0. 5 mm, grinding workpiece width should not be more than 1 m. Eight, can only grinding woodiness material, workpiece not contain metal, glass, hard and sharp sand material. Nine, and SanDing process should always pay attention to the operation of the machine. If abnormal, must stop check. In the case of endanger personal safety, equipment safety, belt running deviation, the collapse of abrasive belt and other emergency must stop using the emergency brake switch, please do not use the emergency brake switch normal run time. Ten, are not allowed to wear gloves. Hair long hair women must wear a hat to put on the hat. Eleven, and the key operation, cannot leave the machine, the machine run time can't touch the conveyor belt, banned by hand into the machine, no sand frame height when operating. Twelve, and at the end of the work, must follow the correct procedure to stop, inside and outside the dust cleaning machine, close all the power and compressed air, side by side out of the water in the air compressor and oil-water separator machine.
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