The HFOs have landed: Haas explores new frontiers of service. (Cover Story).

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Haas Factory Outlets (HFO)
They landed in North America on 1999 and released a group of factory cadres.
Train sales, service and application engineers to support their CNC Machine Tool customers.
Haas Automation company through its own experience
Determined to build a local dealer network with state support, this will bring the greatest benefits to customers-in their shops.
The mission of HFOs is outlined in the vision of HaasAutomation Inc.
Gene Haas, founder and CEO of the company: \"Our HFOspresent consistent image of Haas Company has been high-
High quality sales, services and training, but they are owned and operated independently to provide the local attention our customers deserve.
\"It can be said that more eye-catching machine tooldistribution discusses the world of Oxnard, CA-
The largest machine tool manufacturer in North America has announced its HFO distribution plan, which deviates from the traditional forbuilder model
Dealer relationship
Everything about HFO-
Van with full service, high
Technical Communications and facilities-
I focus on providing \"personal and professional\" support for Haas products at the local level.
To achieve this, both Haas and HFO dealers have made significant commitments to resources.
According to most estimates, hfo\'s financial commitments involve hundreds of billions of dollars, covering everything from brick, mortar and staffing to maintaining replacement parts and adequately stocked service vans, these goods can easily reach millions of dollars.
HFOs needs to continue to train sales, engineering and service personnel in accordance with Haas factory standards.
Service personnel go to Haas factory at least once a year
They must maintain training and certification testing.
Sales staff are trained locally at least three times a year, and application staff visit Haas plant once a year.
All receive ongoing training through HFO and update on Haas website.
Customer training is carried out in customer factories, HFOfacility, and Haas factories in some cases.
The emergence of the HFO network is similar to the growth of haas manufacturing capacity, which now has more than 50 in North America.
Within two years of moving to the new Oxnard manufacturing plant in 1997, Haas tripled the plant to double its size to 820 square feet. ft.
Even in difficult market conditions, machine tool sales continue to surpass the industry, the company said.
Haas reported that sales of 4,583 CNC machine tools fell by 11% in 2001. setting year-
Early performance and
The machine tool market fell above in 31% years.
Inside HFO of Arthur machinery\'s management team(AMI)
Joining this network is a natural extension of a relationship that began in elkgrove village in 1994.
The US-based company first became a distributor of Haasproducts.
AMI was founded by Bob Arthur in 1983, when it was awell-
Established dealers in Miyano
Center of shaft rotation.
Around the time AMI became a Haas dealer, it added Daewoo production lines for machine tools and recently star production lines for Swiss travel machinery.
Arthur machinery set up a separate department for Haas factory.
According to Haas\'s requirements, each HFO must dedicate its personnel, space and resources to the sales and services of Haasproducts.
Decoration, color, signage--
All people have the marks and colors of Haas. -
Like other Haas factories.
\"The Haas business broke out for us from day one,\" recalls Jay Stevens, head of AMI sales . \".
\"We quickly filled our 18-thousand square meters. ft.
The side of the building we shared with AMI.
At the insistence of haas, HFO must remain completely separated-
Even if an elevated door is installed in order to separate the HFO display showroom from the AMI.
The HFO entity layout includes all offices required for management, sales, services, application engineering and procurement coordination. A large, well-
Training area for maintenance of regular training courses.
According to the part list recommended by Haas, the replacement parts are stored in the part room.
As far as Arthur machinery is concerned, it is well prepared to provide the attention needed for a single manufacturer\'s production line.
\"We provide in-
The deep application engineering and services acquired by Miyano lay the foundation for becoming the total focus needed for Haas plant, \"explains ChadArthur, vice president
Sales and operation of Arthur machinery.
The main focus of each HFO is a state-of-the-
Art Showroom, customers can choose Haas CNC equipment according to the needs of the local market.
\"Don\'t make a mistake.
\"Haas is a complete manufacturer of linemachine tools,\" Stevens said . \".
\"Our customers can choose from a wide range of Haas vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNCturning centers, professional CNC machines, and all high productivity options such as 4, 5 axis controls and high speed spindles.
According to Mark MacVicar, sales manager at HFO, \"we can meet the needs of our customers by size or option in all Haas product lines.
His customers.
About 70% is a work shop)
Machines can be selected from the full range of Haas vertical machining centers, with travel ranges from 16 \"x 12\" x 10 to 120 \"x 40\" x 30 for the new smallfootprint Mini Mill11.
\"Our customers can choose from a full range of horizontal machining centers designed for cutting alloys and stainless steel, cast iron and high hardness
\"Nickel alloy, and the speed required to cut aluminum,\" said Mac Vicar . \".
The latest advantage of Haas, he said, is the ability to customize the largest horizontal movement in a compact footprint with the right travel and strength. The HS-
The horizontal machining center is a good example, says MacVicar. The HS-
1 is designed for job shop to provide a fixed table, fully integrated 4-axis or built-in
Exchange on turntable and double tray.
Haas takes its servo lever 300 barfeeder with HS-1 for five-
In the absence of a special fixture, the axis of a complex part is machined from the rod in a single setting.
Showroom star in the showroom, MacVicar points to VF-
2 VMC, described as \"a hot rod with increased rapids, side
The installed ATC will replace the tool in 1.
5 seconds and throughSpindle coolant.
He explained a VF.
The 5 vertical machining centers nearby are 50 \"-
X machine with 26 \"Y-
Axis travel compared to 20\"
This is standard for most size machines.
Mac Vicar said Haas developed the model, \"because the reseller network thinks it\'s a good idea and there\'s nothing like that . \".
\"One of the advantages of being an HFO is to maintain open communication with Haas and others through the Haas factory distributor Committee, which meets to exchange ideas on their business.
\"At the turn Center, Haas continues to expand its product line by building on existing platforms.
Newly introducedTL-
Month CNC dualspindlelathe, for example, is built in SL-30 platform.
It is characterized by 30
HPV Ector drive spindle with 10 \"Chuck and 8-hp sub-
5 \"Chuck rotation. The TL-
25 with the newly introduced micro lathe to SL-
40, drive system up to 40-
Hp and turn speeds up to 7,000 rpm.
The Mini machine event Mac Vicar points out that five Mini Mills are on display, the first new \"Mini series\" machine launched in the past two years. Last November.
Haas factories across North America have opened showrooms to hold \"Mini machines and more\" demoday. The one-
The daily event provides customers and potential customers across the United States. S.
See the opportunity for Hass \"mini series\" machines to run (Seesidebar).
Mini machines are available only through HFOs, which can store and install productivity-
Enhanced options.
JayStevens says the Demo Day event is typical of the marketing and promotion that Haas brings to its HFO distribution network.
Everything Haas does is national.
We and our customers did not receive anything in the mail ---several times--
To support Haas products, services, or, in this case, special products, services --day event.
\"In order to promote the Demo Day, Haas sent three 160,000 emails based on the customer database and the geographic requirements of each HFO.
Hans organized and promoted the event. -
Even specify the modeling demo to run for each model and provide programming.
The premise of service guarantee HFO network is service.
\"When the customer\'s machine is down, we have to get it up and running as soon as possible,\" Stevens said . \".
The solution may be simple, just contact HFO\'s service department over the phone to handle the problem.
Mike Capello, service and engineering manager at HFO, explained: \"We estimate that most of the problems are handled by directing customers to conduct machine checks through a series of issues and phone calls . \".
When this does not work, the next step is to send out a fully equipped service vehicle on the same day with a qualified service technician.
Thesevans has all the parts, tools and professional equipment needed to get the machine back into production-
The first visit took more than 90 percent.
Each HFO factory
Trained service technicians have the tools, training and components needed for on-site work, Stevens said.
If necessary, they can contact Haas factory by phone or internet via laptop, where there is service support.
Because there is a lot of commonality in the machine design, the service vehicle does not have to be as large as the \"Mack truck\" to fill up the required repair and replacement parts and spindle.
Haas Automation
Oxnard, CA, orcircle 160 Related article: The mini machine has taken off from the \"mini machine\" which is considered to be the first time Haas has won the new \"first CNC user and new\"
Here is the lineup that visitors see on theMini machine demo day.
* The mini mill, which was launched two years ago, was immediately welcomed with a large working envelope (
16 \"x 12\" x 10 \"XYZ Travel Notes)
For the second operation or work, otherwise the machine will be occupied.
Small for $30,000-
The Footprint Mini Mill uses a 6,000 rpm vector drive spindle and 10-tool ATC.
In order to meet the needs of the machine, Haas established a 200-a-monthcapacity.
* The super mini mill is built on the same basis as the mini mill, but increased the height
Graphite electrodes and molds and the speed profile processing capability of drilling and tapping electronic products.
40,000 rapids for 10,000 rpm models and lots of productivity for $1,200
Enhanced options.
Model 15,000 rpm is also available. * The TM-
1 tool room grinding is designed for machining prototypes, 1-
Parts and tools.
The base price is less than $20,000 and it can be run manually in full CNC or manual/CNC combined mode. It features a7. 5-hp (peak)
Use the standard 40-4,000 rpm spindletaper tooling. A10-
Pocket change tool options are available.
Travel are30x \"12x\" 16 \"(XYZ).
Haas visualizes fast code to make the creation of simple G-code programs.
* Mini lathe is a bunch-
Car knife center featuring a7. 5-hp (peak)
6,000 rpm spindle and high speed vector drive
Speed cross slides for up to 10 tools.
Equipped with 5C collet chuck, MiniLathe is designed for high
Production and Processing of parts up to 1 \".
Barfeeder has been added, which can be used for unprocessed processing.
It can also be processed into a second operating turn for light parts up to 8 \"in diameter. * The SL-
10 CNC lathe is designed for small parts
As an entrance to the CNC turning, or any store that requires a \"Second Time\"op\" machine. The SL-
10 has 10 \"turn diameter, 14\" turn length and 16.
25 \"swing over the front. A 15-hp (peak)
The speed of the vector drive spindle is 6,000 rpm. An A2-
5 spindle head accepts Rod material 1. 75\".
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