the hole story: what i found inside elon musk\'s first boring company tunnel

by:Gewinn     2019-08-13
From popular machinery manufacturing companies, they unveiled the prototype tunnel in Hawthorne, California, waiting to ride the moon of Elon Musk
Solve the disaster caused by traffic congestion . . . . . . I concentrate.
News tents have placards on Wi.
There are Fi passwords everywhere, but I don\'t need to log in.
My phone just joined the network automatically.
Now, I have a little bit of what it means.
I want it to be like Elon Musk what it means to someone who tried to sneak into the news tent earlier.
He said he and his mother are big fans of Elon.
Future fans, he said.
I want to be a fan of the future.
The future is a tough bet recently.
The whole company Tunnel.
It hasn\'t turned my crank yet.
No, I was thinking maybe this Wi-
This is the case.
I mean, I \'ve never been to a boring company or SpaceX across the street.
Never on this network.
This is a mystery.
Super cycle of my imaginationfi territory-
Soon, the only explanation is that boring companies are leading for a while --
Travel action, I was sent back to this moment and whoever erased my mind forgot to remove the news network from my phone.
Yes, Musk is working on a transportation system: a system that will get you back in time.
But then I realized I logged in with my Mac a few minutes ago and the cloud synced the password on my device. Sigh.
Reality is boring.
Boring now. Literally.
It turned out that the journey in Musk\'s new tunnel was really cool.
A group of us climbed up the Tesla X and buckled our seat belts, and our driver rolled us into a surprisingly narrow tunnel.
We won\'t exceed 40 miles per hour, but as the overhead lights go from red to green, we speed up . . . . . . Obviously, 150 miles per hour will be, uh, great.
Even in this clip, even with bumps, the tight tunnel is fascinating and almost calmer.
It feels natural to zip in this separate pod.
We arrived at our destination a few minutes later and got on the elevator.
We went up about 50 feet to the California sky and a boring company employee looked at us coming up like a dive instructor.
There is a palm tree.
A private plane crossed the sky.
We return to the surface where the Earth is disappearing.
Musk told us later that he was in L. A. traffic. Truth.
You feel like you\'re dying in Los Angeles. A. traffic.
My strategy is to stay at home and stay in my hood.
I have a place for coffee, Joe, my merchant.
I will not go to Los Angeles just because of the impact of traffic chaos on my mood.
I feel the pain of Musk
The problem is not only about traffic, but also what we think.
We live in three dimensions, but we travel in two spaces. It’s stupid. And our flying-
Pedophile has always been a fake magic bullet.
Every air crash is an air disaster.
For us, the fabulous attraction of flying may be too dazzling for us to appreciate another direction: Underground.
Until now.
Musk\'s thing is like this: the guns, the tweets, our reality may be the advice of the simulation --
They all received a lot of attention.
But if you want to learn anything from this guy, learn to appreciate what he thinks about the absurd.
The current tunnel technology costs about $2 billion a mile, and even at that cost, you can expect to dig that mile within a year.
The state of this art is terrible.
So boring companies do the opposite of rocket science. Digging faster.
Cheap digging.
Their latest improved machine solves the problem of mining costs with almost ridiculously simple solutions.
The engineers polished the drill bit.
The dirt removed by the machine makes the concrete tunnel section.
Musk believes that by drilling and reinforcing tunnels at the same time, their custom machines can be 15 times faster than the existing drilling machines.
And much cheaper. the 1.
The 14-mile Hawthorne test tunnel cost $10 million.
I am skeptical.
High underground
Highways are basically killer applications for selling electric cars.
I don\'t think cars that break out steadily from every corner of the city will make American cities a new hell.
And even more
Musk\'s vision is a layered, infinitely expanded transport array that is as reasonable as he thinks, and I have deep doubts about it, and we will not find a way for this idea
But still, this Boring Company is probably the most important in the Musk project, because their innovation does not match our imagination --
They\'re talking about our frustration.
The city is a block of blocked human beings, wasting a lot of time.
Traffic is just a prominent example of our bad situation.
Health care, education, our electoral mechanism . . . . . . Almost every component of our citizen infrastructure is in urgent need of renewal.
This is the exciting place for this boring company.
After all, they are building a time machine that pulls us a little closer to the future we should live in now. (
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