The importance of numerical control electronic cutting saw

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
1, the new generation CNC electronic cutting machine, instead of the traditional manual operation, is the woodworking industry, improving the utilization ratio of plate! Open with milling cutter cutting machine, CNC automatic positioning, imported PLC to eliminate human error, dimensional accuracy is greatly increased, the average utilization rate of each plate 2. 7 ~ 2. 8 square. 2, save manpower, and pushed the table saw two operating a machine, cutting machine more than one operator, need not high wages, bad for hiring or personnel management. Feed adopts pneumatic floating bead surface, Optional) As become easy, thick sheet metal. Manipulator automatic feeding, low labor intensity, high production efficiency. 3, cutting speed, cutting machine work is continuous, pushing and pushing Taiwan saw, move to Noah went to bat, artificial strength, time is spent on board. Adjusted by size. 4, the machine is a fool type operation, all the data size is calculated by the computer, zero error, zero failure rate. Simple operation, any a coolie, can be easily employed directly over the instructions again. 5, automatic detection of sheet metal, cutting the sheet fast back to original working condition after 6, the cutting speed is controlled by inverter, plates with different thickness and different materials can be overcome. 7, you can directly log in alibaba website to choose: https://detail. 1688. com/offer/552302821322. html ? spm = a261b。 8768596. 0. 0. KhuqK3, telephone: 13715527208
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