The importance of numerical control system for numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
With the development of science and technology, wood lathe now gradually replaced by a high-tech CNC woodworking lathe, numerical control woodworking lathe as the name implies is to work with computer control lathe. So let's go to know about the importance of numerical control system for numerical control woodworking lathe. Numerical control system of numerical control machine tool of the brain, in accounted for 1/5 of the value of the whole machine. The effect of it, is to set the user to process the guidelines, converted to a detailed process, command and machine tools. Now China's production of CNC machine tool manufacturers, many are in a foreign acquisition of CNC system, and their integration of the machine. According to introducing, in recent years, domestic low-end numerical control system the basic foreign competitors out of the China market; The high-end market is just on the contrary, domestic only accounts for less than 1/10. High-end CNC system market basically in the division and Siemens, etc. Foreign advanced numerical control system, on the high speed and high precision, and in terms of five axis machining and intelligent than domestic goods are good, and the uniform trouble-free time is four times that of domestic goods. The architecture of CNC system, hard and soft parts, high speed and high precision algorithm needs long time for discussion and improvement. Domestic electronic basic industries, reflect the weakness of the Chinese advanced numerical control system resolution. In addition to the numerical control system level of distance, the key parts category thin also constraints, the height of the domestic machine tool. On some of the machine tool exhibition, also can see the application method of the division or Siemens numerical control system of domestic high-end machine, compared with foreign installation 'brain' of the same machine tool, the rotation speed as long as a third of the abroad, error size is 5 times of others. The above is the importance of numerical control system for numerical control woodworking lathe, hope to be of help.
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