The intelligent numerical control woodworking lathe and flexibility

by:Gewinn     2020-04-22
The use of numerical control woodworking lathe enables a wood lathe industry has entered a new era, make processing technology has entered a more mechanized, intelligent and flexible. Here we have a detailed analysis of the numerical control woodworking lathe what are intelligent and flexible performance. Intelligent CNC woodworking lathe performance CNC woodworking intelligent control technology is applied to numerical control woodworking lathe automation equipment, equipped with the carpenter's automatic lathe can change in a variety of complex environment, according to the product under the processing conditions of actual situation, automatic adjustment and optimization of machining path and process parameters, realize high quality, high efficiency of woodworking lathe intelligent system. In the large size workpiece machining, intelligence control system can be based on continuous measurement of machining workpiece diameter, through the analysis, comparison and judgment automatically determine the amount of each layer of turning the turning and the corresponding machining parameters, the cutting process parameters, such as location, complete all the process from blank to products processing. Numerical control woodworking lathe can be widely used in practical stair processing, manufacturing industry, practical furniture processing, manufacturing industry, wooden crafts processing manufacturing industry and other wood products processing industry. Numerical control woodworking lathe modern production flexibility performance requirements of the same device can meet the same type and machining of various specifications, even different types of artifacts CNC lathe processing automation, so need to consider when designing the numerical control lathe flexibility and formation of flexible manufacturing system, in order to give full play to the efficiency of the equipment, to meet the production requirements of similar products of different specifications of the workpiece. Numerical control woodworking lathe automation equipment will be widely used in industrial robots, standardized, modular units, the flexible production of many varieties, small batch products. These characteristics of numerical control woodworking lathe at the time of processing wood played a major role, the processing efficiency but also improves the machining accuracy.
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