The international market economy of German forging machine tool enterprises is strong

by:Gewinn     2022-05-19
Germany is an old industrial powerhouse, and Germany has many advantageous enterprises in the machine tool industry. It has a complete range of forging machines, and basically every forging equipment has products that represent the most advanced level in the world, which also makes the international market economy of German machine tool companies strong. Such as sheet metal forming machines from TRUMPF, large cover presses from Schuler, transfer presses and automatic stamping lines, electric screw presses from Miller Wengarten, hot die forging presses from Omco, Hassen Clutch screw presses from Clover, forging hammers from Lasco, large hydraulic presses from Siempelkamp, u200bu200bring rolling machines from Wagner-Banning, spinning machines from Reifeld, rotary forging machines from FELSS, etc. After years of development, German forging machinery manufacturers have merged and reorganized, and implemented strong alliances to give full play to their respective advantages and further enhance their competitiveness in the international market. Trumpf Group is the world's largest manufacturer of CNC machine tools, and ranks first in the world in terms of technological innovation and production scale in the sheet metal processing equipment manufacturing industry. From 2010 to 2011, the total sales revenue of TRUMPF Group reached 2 billion euros, and the net profit was 140 million euros. In the ranking of world machine tool companies (output value) by Gardner, TRUMPF Group is second only to Yamazaki Mazak, a Japanese gold cutting machine tool company (ranked first among metal forming machine tool companies). The Schuler Group has become a world leader in the field of metal forming technology after the merger of Miller Wengarten. The main products are large-scale cover presses, large-scale transfer presses, punching and blanking production lines and electric screw presses . Schuler has a global market share of around 35% and an annual turnover of more than 1 billion euros. In the Gardner World Machine Tool Enterprise (Output Value) ranking, the Schuler Group ranks 14th and 4th in the metal forming machine tool category. SMS Meer is one of the two core companies under the SMS group. It has successively merged Omco and Hasenklever, which are famous for their production of mechanical presses and screw presses. The Banning Company and the Wagner Company are dominated by the ring machine. Today, SMS Meer has become a global leader in the fields of pipes, long products, forging and heating, with a global market share of about 40%. It has produced more than 11,000 sets of equipment for the world, with an annual turnover of more than 1 billion euros. Lasco is the pioneer of forging hammers and the first company in the world to apply frequency converters to screw presses. Lasco's main products are: cold, warm and hot forging hydraulic presses, sheet metal forming hydraulic presses, powder metallurgy forming hydraulic presses, hydraulic die forging hammers, electro-hydraulic counter hammers, electric screw presses, series cross wedge rolling mills and roll forging machines . Siempelkamp Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. belongs to the Siempelkamp Group. Forging and forming equipment, especially hydraulic presses, are the company's strengths. Forging press products include free forging hydraulic presses, die forging hydraulic presses, isothermal forging presses and special hydraulic presses for seamless gas cylinders; sheet metal forming presses include pipe forming presses, heat exchange presses Plate presses, deep drawing presses and special plate forming presses. In addition, Siempelkamp also masters advanced hydroforming technology and equipment. In 1994, Siempelkamp provided BMW with the first hydroforming mass production equipment suitable for the automotive industry. Leifeld, the world leader in spinning and flow spinning technology, acquired all intellectual property rights of Leico, another well-known German spinning machine manufacturer. Its spinning machine products have been serialized. In addition to general spinning machines, it also produces strong spinning, forming spinning and closing spinning machines. Spinning machines can be widely used in aerospace, automotive and weapon industries. For example, the most advanced automobile wheel manufacturing process is to use spinning machines. FELSS is a dynamic international group. Its products include rotary forging machines, axial cold extrusion machines and pipe bending equipment. The workpieces machined by FELSS rotary forging machine have the advantages of high surface finish, high load bearing and small deformation after hardening treatment. The FELSS axial cold extrusion machine can form splines on thin-walled hollow workpieces using the pulsed axial forming process. According to the statistics of the German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association in 2010, CNC machine tools accounted for 50% of German metal forming machine tools, and the proportion of various forging machines was: forging hammers and forging presses accounted for 14.3%, bending machines, plate rolling machines and Leveling machines accounted for 18.4%, shearing, chamfering and blanking machine tools accounted for 16.3%, other presses accounted for 27.7%, and other metal forming machine tools accounted for 23.2%. In 2010, the export trade volume of the German machine tool industry was 5.075 billion euros, of which the trade volume exported to China was 1.566 billion euros, accounting for 30.85% of Germany's total export sales. In the first half of 2010, among the machine tools and equipment exported from Germany to China, the trade volume of forging presses and forging hammers was 56.7 million euros, the trade volume of punching machines was 40 million euros, and the trade volume of bending machines, plate rolling machines and leveling machines was 56.7 million euros. 32.5 million euros, and the trade volume of laser processing machines and other physical and chemical processing machines was 32.5 million euros, indicating that China has become the largest exporter of German forging machine tools.
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