The introduction of several parts of the CNC turret punch press

by:Gewinn     2020-03-26
Several parts of the CNC turret punch press CNC turret punch press side edge is in the article Belt, volume) Feed side cut out feed positioning hole punch. Article side clamp is on the Belt, volume) Material on one side by the spring pressure, its close to the other side. Guide plate plate parts. CNC punch press plunger is upward movement directly or ask the top work pieces or sequence of rod parts. Roof is in the die plate parts or modules within activity, top up action directly or ask to work or waste. CNC turret punch press ring gear is fine blanking die or toothed plate into a circle on the bulging tooth shape, is die or toothed plate of the local structure rather than individual parts. CNC turret punch press round is limit die shut height of cylindrical parts. Positioning pin ( Board) Is to ensure that the process in the mold has the same position of the parts, with different shapes and called dowel or positioning plate.
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