The introduction of the basic numerical control woodworking machinery structure ( A)

by:Gewinn     2020-04-15
Home-made numerical control woodworking machinery type very much, but basically the lathe structure are few and far between, in order to facilitate beginners can quickly master the knowledge of the numerical control woodworking lathe, quick to normal work, we for aetna CNC lathe structure for share it! 1, spindle, spindle rotation drive parts, to achieve the main movement of the lathe, is one of the important components of the lathe. Spindle must work stability, under large load are out of the longitudinal and lateral movement. Before the main shaft is hollow, thimble, spindle tool can be inserted in the spindle taper hole, such as spindle hole 38 mm, less than + 38 turn bar can get through it. End of a precise shaft and screw thread, its size as' b92h6, M90 x 6, act as a benchmark for install the chuck and faceplate. 2, the spindle gearboxes: spindle gearboxes, which is also called headstock, is used to drive the lathe spindle and chuck turning lathe parts. Transform to handle position outside the spindle box, can make main shaft gets a variety of different rotating speed, 3, hanging wheel box: to pass the spindle rotation to feed box, through changing gear box, and cooperate with feeding box, with turning all sorts of different thread pitch. Turning conventional thread hanging wheel gear box ( These wheels for short) Configuration is visible on the lathe nameplate, do not govern the special thread, can by recombining hanging wheel gear box to get these wheels than you need. 4, feeding transmission: through transformation box outside handle position, change the gear meshing in the oven, so as to pass the spindle rotation movement to screw or light, and make the screw or light bar to get a variety of different rotating speed, in order to get a different amount of feed. 52 mm/min. If the drive screw rotation, can processing various metric threads, the inch thread, the modulus thread diameter and temperance. Above all these feed for feeding box handle position the nameplate and hanging wheel configuration to see the lathe. Today for everyone about numerical control woodworking machinery of the four main parts, hope to you can help, please continue to focus on us, we will quickly update!
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