The lack of a large number of numerical control technology talents in our country

by:Gewinn     2020-04-18
We all know that China is a populous nation, but heavy industry talents has always been a shortage of talented person in our country, such as manipulation of the numerical control woodworking lathe of talents. Let's detailed to introduce the situation of numerical control lathe talent for everybody. Numerical control rate is low in our country, the existing nc machine tools is not due to a lack of specialized personnel to make full use of. According to the Ministry of Education and ministry of labor in 2004, a review of professional talents, professional CNC talent gap in China in six hundred thousand, the talent demand by 30% a year growth, nc specialty is the real 'skills shortage', obtain employment prospect is very broad, treatment is very considerable. Mould enterprise in our country in recent years, a large number of purchasing numerical control equipment, in some areas have the salary of senior skilled worker numerical control knowledge is as high as 300000 yuan. CNC machine rejected the original manual mode of production, improve the production efficiency and precision, reduce the working intensity. Nc machine tool in developed countries has been widely used in great quantities, and numerical control technology application promotion in China's a big gap compared with developed countries. At present our country machine tool numerical control rate is only 1. 9%, while Japan is as high as 30%, more than 40% in the United States. National programmes in 2010 years ago, make numerical control rate above 10%, and will be increased by 40 - in China a few years 500000 sets of CNC machine tools, CNC woodworking lathe need 60 - accordingly 800000 nc professional and technical personnel. Above is the current situation of nc technology talents in our country. If you want to learn more knowledge of numerical control woodworking lathe, please continue to browse our website.
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