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by:Gewinn     2020-02-25
COIMBATORE: a group of people sat under the damaged roof, screened out of the sludge with bare hands, along the shop of the Periyakulam tank.
The odor from the sludge is very strong, but they are still not disturbed.
\"We have a family waiting for us hungry.
This is the only job we can do . \"44)
A resident of the CMC colony, he has been collecting sludge from sewers and mud on roads near the Goldsmiths operating the area where gold dust is collected.
Kannan, who studied the work from his grandfather, said he had collected gold dust from the Kempatty colony for more than 15 years.
\"Why should I continue to do this job if it\'s not for my family.
I have three children.
\"They were embarrassed about my job and didn\'t tell their school friends about my career,\" he said . \" He added that he hoped to resign from the job as soon as possible.
Like Annan, more than 300 people in the city collect gold dust from the sludge of the Goldsmith colony.
More than 30 of CMC colonies clean the sludge along the Periyakulam tank.
Now, under the lake restoration and revival project on the mission of smart city, the company is cleaning up the land around the tank, and these gold harvest must be moved to another place, otherwise it will be removed.
\"When everyone is asleep, we start working every day,\" Krishna said . \"45)
Another gold vacuum cleaner
They will clean the roads of the klimati colony, while others will collect sludge from the sewers.
The other group, mainly women and the elderly, reduced several kilograms of sludge to several grams.
He explained that they melted gold dust with Mercury and made gold bars.
\"We collect up to 30 kg sludge per day, at least 0.
5 grams of gold per person.
We earn as much as 1,500 rupees a day . \"
If they do the loading and unloading work for half a day, they will only get Rs 300.
Although we make a lot of money, we want to quit as soon as possible.
That shame is not the only problem we face, they say.
Looking back at the many incidents in which police detained them, Kannan said that whenever there was a theft in the Goldsmith area, the police would immediately bring them to the police station on suspicion, and leave them there for a few hours together.
No matter how honest they are, the gold vacuum cleaner is always the first suspect.
\"If the government intervened to stop harassment, or provided us with some kind of scientific training to make the whole process hygienic, we would never complain about life again,\" they said . \".
\"Even if the company is using us as a health project under the contract, we will be happy because there will not be too much risk,\" Kannan said . \".
Company officials say the methods used by these people are unhealthy.
They are exposed to mercury and may affect the kidneys, lungs, reproductive systems and the central nervous system.
It also affects the environment.
\"We won\'t disturb their lives, but they have to move to another place.
\"We have always planned to carry out awareness-raising and training programs to help them carry out trade in a safer way,\" the official added . \".
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