the list of premiums.; complete record of prizes at the american institute fair.names of the successful competitors.nature and value of the premiums awarded. agricultural implements.

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No, it\'s John van der Burg. 23 Fulton-
A thermometer company in Brooklyn Street-Silver Medal.
No, it\'s John van der Burg. 23 Fulton-
Eagle plow on Brooklyn Avenue-Silver Medal. A. C. & K. L. BETTS, Troy, N. Y.
, Used for raising the ball with branch beams--Bronze Medal. COLLINS & CO.
In Hartford, Conn. , for Cast-steel Plows --Diploma.
Parsons Haines hotel Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
For the Best Terrier
Cutter of Eureka-Bronze Medal.
LANE ias LANE & CO. Richmond in Ind
The second best feed-Cutter --Diploma.
Not Jules rakum. 188 Spring-
Street for decorative stands and baskets--Diploma.
Grant fan mill and cradle, Junction, N. Y.
Cradle of grain--Diploma. AdvertisementJ. W. FISK & CO. , No. 130 Nassau-
Street, copper weathervane--Diploma.
PLATT & CO. , No. 165 Greenwich-
On the street, a horse court fork--Diploma.
AdvertisementHAINES and Pell, No. 27 Cortlandt-
The Street, the shared Kurt Harrow--Diploma.
Haines and Pell, No. 27 Cortlandt-
Streets for Hoer and Hiller in Share--Diploma.
Parsons Haines hotel Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Best CiderMill --Diploma. HORACE L.
Murray and his son. 184 Water-
Street, cider Publishing House-Diploma.
American Agricultural EngineeringNo. 17 Cortlandt-
Street for joint corn plow and ploughing plow machine-Bronze Medal. E. H. BARNET, No.
200 Broadway, reverse
Friction horse power and burrs Stone Mill--Diploma. F. W. RITTERHOFF, No. 118 Seventh-
A tobacco farmer on the Avenue-Diploma. JOSEPH L.
Yes, I\'m golander.
A potato plantation owner. Silver Medal.
PITTS & BRAYLEY, Rochester, New YorkY.
For a black powder machine-Diploma.
Henry Steele of Jersey City to protect the bees-Diploma. S. C. HERRING, New-
York, for a model of seaweed--Bronze Medal. GEO. L. CUMMINGS, No. 148 Centre-
An iron carriage on the street. -Diploma. E. R.
Kent, Yorkville, NYY.
, Lever Prees for transferring motion--Bronze Medal.
SWEETSIR, Biddeford, Me.
Patent saw-
Horse and Buck saw-Bronze Medal.
American agricultural engineering, no. 17 Cortlandt-
Street, for the advantage of two people on a mowing and Harvester, in order to combine without trial in the field ---Silver Medal.
Test of mower.
PLATT & CO. , No. 165 Greenwich-
Street, the best mower, \"Buckeye \"--Gold Medal. R. H. ALLEN & CO. , Nos.
189 and 191 water-
On the street, for cutting mower--Silver Medal.
Building drawings. H. VAN LANGEN, No. 87 Nassau-
Street for building drawings-Bronze Medal. BELLS.
Bell Corporation of America, No. 32 Liberty-
On the street, with Harrison\'s rotating suspension for steel and metal hell-Gold Medal. Pool table.
Fallon and COLLENDER, newYork.
For the pool table, combines the elegance of the design and the durability of the workers
Bin, the combination mat of Fallon---Gold Medal.
Books, printing and stationery. F. HART & CO. , No. 63 Cortlandt-
Street, for beet Wood-cut Printing --Silver Medal. H. O. HOUGHTON & CO.
Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Second time-best Wood-
Printing and book printing--Bronze Medal.
Edward in G Naboo
121 to 125 green-
The best stationery on the street--Bronze Medal. Hyatt House Jacob12 John-
Street, excellent specimen for card Engraving and Printing-Diploma. AdvertisementW. H. SWARTWOUT, No. 100 Liberty-
Street for patented metal paper fasteners, Binder and lever press and tools-Silver Medal. Boots and shoes. JOHN L. WATKINS, No. 114 Fulton-
Street, exquisite specimens in boots and shoes, as well as hunting and fishing boots-Bronze Medal.
Edwin Chesterman of Mass bury.
Rubber shoes for vulcanization-Bronze Medal.
Seamless brass and copper.
Seamless rolling pipe for metal factory, moricia, brass and copper in Colombia--Gold Medal.
Building materials. WASHINGTON J. SMITH & CO. , No.
261 West 18-
Street of drainage pipes-Bronze Medal.
No, Samuel.
294 Bowery for Best Plumbing, washbasin and water-
Wardrobe combo--Bronze Medal. H. TUCKER & CO. , Boston, Mass.
In order to get the best decorative iron products, they are excellent in design and finish-Bronze Medal.
New building Iron
York, a piece of paper.
Iron window and iron blinds-Bronze Medal. L. R. CASE, No. 5 Worth-
Patent lighting vault lamp--Bronze Medal.
No, it\'s William tochak. 393 Carlton-
Patent window buckle on Brooklyn Avenue--Silver Medal.
Shepherd and Gifford, No. 74 Bleecker-
Street, metal weather zone--Bronze Medal.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania advertising agency chameers & BROTHER.
Specimens of ordinary bricks--Silver Medal. I. H.
Gautier, Jersey City, New Jersey, NJJ.
Best fire brick--Silver Medal. B. KREISCHER, No. 58 Goerck-
Streets for fire brick materials-Bronze Medal.
Cabinets and interiors. J. F. C. PICKHARDT, No. 167 Bleecker-
Street, best extension bed frame--Silver Medal. J. BARNES, No. 180 Grand-
Street, best spring bed bottom--Bronze Medal. J. ZIEGLER & CO. , No. 42 Bleecker-
The street of a bookcase-Silver Medal.
Wheels and fixtures. G. D.
Brown, Rochester, New YorkY.
, For wheels with Connector clamps and spoke sockets--Silver Medal. WM. Z. W. CHAPMAN, No.
835 Broadway, patented fasteners for transporting curtains--Bronze Modal.
Carved frames and decorations. WM. K.
O\'Brien and brother, no. 77 Third-
Avenue, the best carved frame--Silver Medal. FRED. KAIFFER, No.
833 best carving on Broadway--Bronze Medal. E. H. PURDY & CO. , No.
13-56 West and 62
Street for machine engraving-Diploma.
Timer and watch.
John goons, No. 179 Water-
Street, the best timer--Gold Medal. John goons179 Water-
Street, a gold safari watch--Silver Medal. COAL.
Cameron coal, no.
71 Broadway, high grade asphalt coal-Silver Medal. COOPERAGE.
Boston American barrel machine.
The best barrel--Silver Medal. DENTISTRY. S. S.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, White
Best porcelain teeth--Silver Medal. A. JONES, No.
724 Broadway with teeth to choose from-Silver Medal. N. W. KINGSLER, No.
Twenty-eight East-
Street, for a portable gas blow-pipe --Silver Medal. JOHN D.
Chevrolet and sons, no.
Broadway 737 for a fine collection of dental instruments-Diploma.
Medicines, chemicals and perfumes.
Juli julius Pollock, morisenia, N. Y.
A cheap alternative to alcohol for Coke wood alcohol ---Silver Medal. J. C.
No, son of Hull. 32 Park-
A row of high-end soap-Silver Medal.
No, United sugar. 18 and 20 Rose-
Corn syrup Street--Silver Medal. J. B. THOMPSON, M. D. , No.
30 West-406second-
Street, for protein, as a new product made in China, is of great value ---Silver Medal. JOSEPH W.
This is a great item for liquid quartz-Bronze Medal.
Advertising onion Condensed Milk Company, No. 188 Bleecker-
Street, the best condensed milk--Bronze Medal.
American Condensed Milk Company, premium milk--Diploma.
Van Gogh and Macon, No. 30 Barclay-
High-end soap on the street-Silver Medal. 756. --J. P. DINSMORE, No. 36 Dey-
Street, excellent specimen for ink-Bronze Medal. N.
No, Thomas Spencer. 41 Spruce-
Fox extract of Hemlock Street-Bronze Medal.
Charles F. 272 East Ninth-
Street of artificial fuel-Bronze Medal. D. B.
Kors & Sons in Newark, New JerseyJ.
Decomposition of potash fertilizer-Bronze Medal. THOMAS M. REDHEAD, No. 66 Fulton-
Baking powder shop on Brooklyn Street-Bronze Medal. D.
Nice run, Biggs. J.
For sorghum syrup-Diploma.
Boston Manufacturing Company, Boston, Volkswagen. , C. H.
Agent Gardner, bone powder--Silver Medal. B. T. BABBITT, No. 70 Washington-
The street used to wash soap-Bronze Medal. R. O. LUNDY, No. 549 Pearl-
Street, laundry detergent for Uncle Sam-Bronze Medal.
E-tools, hardware and e-commerceWALTON & BROS. , No. 67 Warren-
Street, best specimen of skates--Diploma. C. S. OSBORNE & CO. , Newark, N. J.
, Fine sample for wire harnessmakers\' Tools --Silver Medal.
Douglas manufacturing, no. 70 Beekman-
The streets of senior carpenters, farms and carriages-makers\' Tools --Silver Medal. AdvertisementW. J. TEN EYCK & CO. , No. 57 Beekman-
Etreet, for advanced edge tools, consisting of axes, caps, picks, Adzes, and c. --Silver Medal.
Minden tableware, No. 45 Beekman-
Street, fine specimen for Table tableware-Silver Medal.
Mass ple archives, Ballard Vole, Mass.
Best sample of file--Silver Medal.
US documents company, portabit, R. I. --
No, Foster building. 78 Beekman-street --
The second best document. -Bronze Medal.
Elizabeth, N. Stackpole supportJ.
, Patent holder for STACKPOLE-Silver Medal.
COMSTOCK Lyon, No. 74 Beekman-
Street, beautiful specimen of screws for small machine work-Bronze Medal.
Samuel Hall & Sons, No. 129 West Tenth-
Street for fine samples of screws, nuts, washers and c--Bronze Medal. F. K.
Quality at West Bury, Auburadale.
, Very superior for sample King Kong sand cloth--Bronze Medal.
Howard and Oakley, No. 41 Centre-
Street, the best faucet and brass oil factory--Silver Medal.
Stone and Herrick, No. 48 Beelman-
Street, a spray tank--Diploma.
Bintz, Davenport and Atwood, Stamford, Conne.
The self-introduction of Omsted
Paddle-feeding drill and spring-Top oil tank--Bronze Medal. WEBSTER & CO. , No. 17 Dey-street.
Improvements for screw wrenches, hugs, cutters, pliers, and c. --Gold Medal.
Hawkes advertisementment and Maynard, No. 14 Beekman-
Solid Steel machine Street-
Made a hoe for the plane. -Silver Medal.
John Peters of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tools for various gas filters-Bronze Medal. C. L.
Griswald, Chester, Conne.
, For patent expansion lip position-Bronze Medal.
LYMBUMER and Hekou, No. 46 Essex-
Street, very pure specimen of the coffin handle--Bronze Medal. S. S. PUTNAM & CO.
, Quality.
High-grade forged horse studs--Diploma.
1,172 Broadway Road, Sheavos at the sliding door--Silver Medal. G. F. WARNER & CO. , New-Haven, Conn.
, Advanced classification of valuable metal cans--Silver Medal.
Jacob and Hastings, Worcester, quality.
For excellent combination of calligraphy and pencil--Bronze Medal. Concentrate on pen
Painting and calligraphy. B. F. BRADY, No. 169 Elm-
On the street, for the high class specimen of the resolution of concentration--Gold Medal. B. F. BRADY, No. 169 Elm-
Street, advanced specimen for pendrawing --Silver Medal.
Strat, STRATTON & CO. , No.
937 Broadway, calligraphy boutique--Silver Medal. FINE ARTS.
John C. FORCE, High-
Best Portrait of oil, Brooklyn Street\"Justice Chase\"-Bronze Medal. S. N. CARVALHO, No.
481 Broadway, the second best portrait of oil magazine. Hunter\" --Diploma. JOHN C. FORCE, High-
Street for oil
Paintings of Hamilton-Silver Medal. JOHN C. FORCE, High-
An oil company on Brooklyn Street
Alonzo chappel\'s capture of Major André-Bronze Medal. FIRE-ARMS.
Spencer penance rifle, Boston, Mass.
Spencer\'s magazine rifle-Silver Medal.
National Arms Corporation
Blake in Brooklyn-Rifle--Silver Medal.
Brooklyn arms
Patent pistol for Brooklyn sloughham-Diploma. WM. Z. W. CHAPMAN, No.
835 Broadway Street, used to improve the ftasten of the cartridge box. &c. --Diploma.
No, Samuel Gardner.
171 Broadway, bullet and shell machines-Silver Medal.
Fire trucks and hoses. M. R. CLAPP, No. 455 Water-
Street, best steam fire truck-Gold Medal.
Plantation engine boiler and copper plant No. 7 Old-
Slippery, for a good and substantial engine--Bronze Medal.
American Coupling Company31 and 33 Dey-
Street of hose joints--Silver Medal. E. WARNER, No. 35 Spruce-
Street, hose sample-Silver Medal. AdvertisementG. PALMER, No. 119 Nassau-
Streets, water pipes and sprinklers--Bronze Medal. W. D. TEWKSBURY, No. 34 John-
Streets of Morrison plumbing--Bronze Medal.
Fishing tackle and hemp rope.
Not Willard Harvey. 84 Maiden-
Lane of the advanced fishing line--Bronze Medal.
Alfred Woodham?
424 Broadway, very convenient camp-Bronze Medal.
Dimorester & JORALEMON, No. 100 Barclay-
Street, Seine line for excellent cotton--Diploma. FURS. BIGELOW & CO.
No, 185 Fulton-
Best fur in Brooklyn Street-Silver Medal. JOHN N. GENIN, No.
513 Broadway for making fur-Bronze Medal.
Gold and silver utensils.
Black & CO.
Broadway, gold and silver platter--Gold Medal. 792. --TIFFANY & CO. , Nos.
550 and 552 Broadway Street with silver plate service--Gold Medal.
PEHCHA products.
Bishop\'s Percha Company, No.
201 Broadway with Gutta Percha items.
Cables and cables--Gold Medal. HARNESS.
Horn of Calhoun company, No.
362 Broadway, a single seat belt--Silver Medal.
Not Benjamin Armstrong. 371 Pearl-
Street for improved tube horse collar-Diploma.
Dress advertising.
Silver skirt Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. , Nos.
Barclays 30 and 32st.
The best Hood dress-Silver Medal.
Household utensils.
Eureka Manufacturing Company, Boston, Mass. , for Self-
Stir coffee baking--Diploma.
James Stephens. , Nos.
116 and 118fifth-
Refrigerator Street--Bronze Medal. STEPHEN W. SMITH, No. 90 William-
Street, patent Pegasus-Silver Medal.
The streets of spring horses-Bronze Medal.
NOE & ARCHER, No. 25 Delancey-
Street, swing at the door or Scup--Diploma.
Miles manufacturing, Nos. 57 to 61 Lewis-
Meat Street-Cutters-Bronze Medal. IVORY GOODS.
Reading & Cooperation Company Pratt, No. 86 Chambers-
Street, a box of fine ivory-Silver Medal. No, Harvey Ford. 147 Fulton-
Street, ivory productsBronze Medal. JEWELRY. N. A. BUHLE, No. 105 Nassau-
Street, high grade specimen for enameled jewelry-Silver Medal. GEO. W. SULIVAN, No. 175 Hester-
Streets, pens and pencilsHolders --Sliver Medal. JOHN S. PURDY & CO. , No.
335 Broadway, specimen of fountain pen-Diploma. SHIFFER & CO. , No.
603 Broadway, specimen used for jewelry at Vulcanite-Silver Medal. W. H. BRADY, No. 12 Bank-
On the street, a landscape sample chasing the Silver Cup-Diploma.
Advertising lights, chandeliers, oil and kerosene stoves and heaters.
Hiram tucker & CO. , No. 59 John-Street and number. 117, 119 Court-
Bronze chandeliers, light fixtures, brackets and c on Brooklyn street. --Gold Medal.
Julius Ives & CO. , No. 18 Beekman-
Street, the mode of filling and lighting is good for patented lights-Silver Medal. REUBEN H. PLASH, No.
110 East 20-ninth-
Street, one night-
Annex of kerosene lamp-Bronze Medal.
Oil furnace company, No.
Best oil stove on Broadway 171--Bronze Medal.
Leslie and Elliot, No.
494 Broadway, second best coal stove--Diploma.
Morrell oil stoves
636 Broadway, gas generating room for oil stoves--Bronze Medal. LEATHER.
Charles Cohen, No. 321 Pearl-
Street, best calf skin--Bronze Medal.
Metal processing machinery.
Hughes and cross, Newark Airport, N. J.
, For the best iron lathe, notching machine bed, gear cutter and forming machine-Gold Medal. W. H. HOAG, No. 40 Cortlandt-
Street, second good iron lathe and planing bed-Silver Medal.
Wright and Smith in Newark, New JerseyJ.
, The best engine lathe for light work--Silver Medal.
AD Adam Stewart252 Canal-
Street, the best pedal lathe-Silver Medal. F. W. BACON & CO. , No. 84 John-
Street, the best lathe for brass processing-Silver Medal.
No, Richard Dugin. 24 Columbia-
Best Double Street
Agent steam hammer, hydraulic punching machine, lifting and pulley Jack--Gold Medal.
Charles Merrill Lynch & Sons556 Grand-
Street, the best atmospheric forging hammer--Silver Medal. N. C.
Stiles in Stiles, Stiles
The best punch--Silver Medal. J. M. BOTTUM, No.
Broadway 169 best watchmaker gorgeous mechanism--Silver Medal. H.
Troy & SONS, Troy, NY.
, The best machine for making horse shoes--Gold Medal.
Corning and WINBLOW, Troy, New YorkY.
, The second good machine for making horse shoes--Silver Medal.
Wright and Smith in Newark, New JerseyJ.
Friction shaft for Omsted-Bronze Medal.
BETTS, DAVENPOHT & ATWOOD, Stamford, Connecticut.
Friction clutch pulley for Olinsted and self
Racket drill--Bronze Medal. ANSON P. STEPHENS. No. 230 Washington-
Parallel Street, Brooklyn Avenue--Bronze Medal. New-
York steam engine plant, 20-third-street, E. R.
, Advanced collection for concentration, forming, milling, bolt cutter, drill bit and c--Silver Medal.
Thomas Prosser and his son28 Platt-
Street, looking for the best tools for boiler manufacturers-Silver Medal.
No, Lynn and Isaacs. 9 Jane-
Street, for a self
Feeding hands and power metal bits--Silver Medal.
Advertising Machine for wood processing. J. A. FAY & CO.
Best Reel saw and wood shaved machine in Cincinnati, Ohio--Gold Medal.
Wright and Smith in Newark, New JerseyJ.
A scroll saw with a pendulum-Bronze Medal. JOHN D. CHISM, No. 854 Sixth-
Avenue, the best wood tile machine--Silver Medal. C. B. ROGERS & CO. Norwich in Conn
For mechanical and drilling equipment-Bronze Medal. S. C.
Ellis New Jersey CityJ.
For a blind unlocking machine-Diploma. C. B. ROGERS & CO. Norwich in Conn
, For forming machine--Silver Medal. R. BALL & CO.
Mass, Worcester.
For the shaved bed and the horse cher-Bronze Medal.
Shaping Machine Co. , Ltd. , Nos.
108 and 110 Eastninth-
A street with a double snake-Silver Medal. WM. F.
Dodge, Newark, New YorkJ.
Mitre machine for Hall-Bronze Medal. J. A. FAY & CO.
Cincinati, Ohio, for planing and matching machines-Bronze Medal. J. A. FAY & CO.
A window frame and door machine in Cincinnati, Ohio-Silver Medal. S. E.
Anthony, Montgomery County, New YorkY.
, For saw tile machine--Bronze Medal.
Plywood Machine Company
108 and 110 Eastninth-
Streets for various molding machines-Silver Medal.
Advertising steam engines, and C. WM. H. HOAG, No. 40 Cortland-
Streets for portable steam engines-Silver Medal.
Wood & Man, Utica, New YorkY.
A portable steam engine-Silver Medal.
US security engine, Boston, Mass.
For steam engines and generators-Bronze Medal.
Genfang engine, Twenty-eighth-
The street of a steam engine-Silver Medal. G. F. HALL & CO. , No. 137 Elm-
Street for yourself
Adjust the steam piston package--Bronze Medal. WM. D.
No, Andrews and brother. 414 Water-
Street, the best oscillation engine-Gold Medal. New-
York steam engine plant, 20-third-
East River Street, best engine and boiler for carrying-Gold Medal. ROBT. TAGGART, No. 593 Hudson-
Street, a fire hydrant. -Silver Medal.
No, Henry Wagner. 20 Bleecker-
Street, a water and electricity-Carbon Blower --Bronze Medal. Hicks Engine. , Co. , No. 88 Liberty-
The street of a steam engine-Silver Medal. J. E.
Conor, Brooklyn, a spinning engine. -Diploma. New-
York metal steam packaging
Steam metal packaging-Brooklyn--Bronze Medal. New-
England Brush Company
Waterfall River, Mass.
Boiler tube brush--Bronze Medal.
Washington Steel Plant, New York, New YorkY.
, For combination of engine and sawmill--Gold Medal. WM. D. ANDREWS & BROS. , No. 414 Water-
The street of a steam boiler-Gold Medal.
Quartz crusher, Mill, rock drill and drilling tools. New-
York rock drilling company, No.
Best steam power rock drill on Broadway 152--Gold Medal. GEORGE W. THOMAS, No.
171 Broadway, a working model for patented drilling workers-Silver Medal.
Boston grinding Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. , Boston, Mass.
Best quartz crusher--Gold Medal.
Daniel Hughes, RochesterY.
Atmospheric quartz crusher, blower and receiving box for Hughes-Silver Medal.
Railway machinery. WM. G.
No Creamer and son. 15 Platt-
For railway safety braking--Gold Medal.
Washburn of Hunter
American New Jersey CityJ. , C. A.
Parker, agent, no. 61 Chambers-
Street, the best wheel--Silver Medal.
Justice Inn Philadelphia lanborn, Pennsylvania.
Joint of a bridge
Fastening of Railway-Silver Medal. WM. WHARTON, Jr. , No. 101 Liberty-
Street, a model of a safety switch--Bronze Medal.
RADLEY, Mike Alister & CO. , No. 162 Greenwich-
Street for locomotive headlights-Silver Medal.
Machinery for cotton and wool.
Convex weaving company, No. 97 Reade-
Weaving machine for weaving irregular shape-Gold Medal.
British textile roller company in Bedford, Maine for main cylinder and Waldorf grinder-Gold Medal. S. R. PARKHURST, Nos.
Barclays 26 and 28
His best cotton rolling machine on the street-Silve Medal. HORACE L.
Murray and his son. 184 Water-
Buy a gin on the street-Diploma. J. E.
Palmer in Middletown, Connecticut
Circular loom for weaving-Silver Medal. C. L. GODDARD, No. 8 Bowling-
Green for wool de-wool machine-Bronze Medal. L. H. PARKHURST, Nos.
Barclays 26 and 28
The street used to remove the bayonet-Diploma. E. C.
Mass, Worcester. , for a Cloth-
Drying and leasing machine--Gold Medal. GEORGE F.
Hudson, New YorkJ.
For a model of a cotton Press-Bronze Medal.
Henry Burley. 64 Charlton-
Street, Hackles for clothes for Elax, Hackling Machine and Riving Frame-Diploma. E. D. & G.
Draper, hopdale, quality.
Patent temple for Ducher-Diploma. M. FINKLE, Nos.
254 and 256 Westseventh-
Street, harness for weavers and wire stacksDiploma.
Governor and meter.
John triper of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
For a timekeeper, graduate. -Silver Medal.
No, Pickering and Davis. 144 Greene --
Strest of steam regulator--Silver Medal.
No, Pickering and Davis. 144 Greene-
The street of a marine engine supervisor-Bronze Medal. C. T. PORTES, No.
235 West 13-
Street, a steam regulator-Silver Medal. A. CAMPBELL, No.
117 Broadway for automatic regulating valve--Bronze Medal.
Clark\'s steam and fire supervision company, No.
117 Broadway, patented steam and fire regulator--Gold Medal. SCHMIDT & BROS. , No. 41 Centre-
Street, the best steam gauge--Silver Medal.
New Brown August
York, governor of a steam engine. -Silver Medal. V. GIROUD & CO. , No. 191 Lewis-
Street, a steam meter. -Bronze Medal. W.
Governor of the steam engine of Philadelphia Bennett Le Van-Bronze Medal. F. W. BACON & CO. , No. 84 John-
Street for steam and water meter. J. L. MCDERMOT, No.
West 257
Second, the steam thermometer-Diploma.
Brother Hardick, Campbell. , No. 9 Adams-
A tank on Brooklyn street--Bronze Medal. WATER WHEELS.
Best underwater Ferris wheel on Broadway 170-Gold Medal. J. E. STEVENSON, No.
200 Broadway, the second best waterwheel--Silver Medal.
United MachineryNorwich in Conn
Governor of a waterwheel-Silver Medal.
Governor Gillespie manufacturing
Governor of a waterwheel-Silver Medal.
Pump and hydraulic.
Woodward steam pump manufacturing company, No. 95 Bleecker-
Street, steam pump for bankruptcy--Gold Medal. A. S. CAMERON & CO. , Twenty-second-
Street 2
The second best crank steam pump \"Sewell\" Avenue--Silver Medal.
George Dwight. , & CO.
Springfield, Mass.
For the best doubleacting Pump --Gold Medal.
Warren, Knowles and Westbury.
The second best pump. -Silver Medal.
Brothers Campbell and Hardick9 A damn-
Third place on Brooklyn Street-Bronze Medal.
Not James Clayton. 102 Front-
The fourth best steam pump in Brooklyn street--Diploma. WILLIAM D. ANDREWS & BROS. , No. 414 Water-
Optimal centrifugal pump for drainage, mining and Hatch pumps--Gold Medal.
Plantation boiler and copper plant No. 7 Old-
The slip of the second best drain pump-Bronze Medal. J. D. WEST & CO. , No. 40 Cortlandt-
Street, the best pump for agriculture and gardening--Silver Medal.
BRINKERHOFF and, no. 427 Tenth-
Street, a deck pump--Silver Medal. L. ROOD, No.
254 Broadway--Silver Medal.
William Foster Dodge, Newark, New JerseyJ.
For suction and force pumps--Silver Medal. SEWING, BUTTON-
Holes and knitting machines.
Florence Sewing Machine Co. , Ltd. , No.
Best home sewing machine on Broadway 515--Gold Medal. A. H. SUPLEE, No.
531 Broadway, the second best sewing machine-Silver Medal.
84 Bowery, first time
Manufacturing Machines--Silver Medal. FRED. W. GROTE, No.
General Sewing Machine No. 40 B Avenue--Silver Medal. Hao Machine Company, No.
629 Broadway, 2-wire sewing machine with simple structure and good working, is the first
Manufacturing Machines--Silver Medal.
Imperial Sewing Machine Co. , Ltd. , No.
536 Broadway for a well
Learning, working and running are very quiet for the shuttle-Silver Medal.
No, it\'s John McCluskey. 240 Tenth-
Single line attachment for sewing in Street, Wheeler and Wilson-machine --Silver Medal. C. BARNUM, No.
508 Broadway, a guide without sewingmachines --Silver Medal. GEO. F.
Clemons, Springfield, Mass.
A cloth guide-Bronze Medal.
Wheeler & Wilson manufacturing, No.
Best button for 625 Broadway-hole Machine --Gold Medal. Union Button-
Hole Sewing Machine Co. , Ltd. , No.
747 Broadway Street, second good buttonhole Machine --Silver Medal.
Knitting machine.
Springfield, Mass lamb knitting machine.
A home knitting machine-Gold Medal.
Dalton Knitting Machinery Co. , Ltd. , No.
537 Broadway Street, rotary knitting machine, beautiful action, good effect-Silver Medal. SODA-
Water machines and equipment. E. BIGELOW & CO.
Springfield, Mass.
For anti-corrosion syrups, polar soda and syrups-Bronze Medal.
SCHULTZ & WARKER, No. 133 Fourth-
Glass Avenue-
Soda equipment--Silver Medal.
John Matthews. 437 First-
Avenue for soda fountains and ventilation pipes--Silver Medal. WM.
Corner of Franklin, Franklin Street and Elm Street, patented soda equipment-Gold Medal. G. D.
Boston, Boston, Mass. S. H.
Agent scripture for soda fountain cooler, ice knife and syrup holder--Bronze Medal.
Printing Machine, folding machine, copier. M. J. CAMPBELL, A.
No, Campbell. 56 Gold-
Street of Campbell Country Press-Gold Medal. D. T.
Barkley, Manchester, New YorkH.
Newspaper folding machine--Silver Medal. R. HOE & CO. , No. 29 Gold-
Copy the streets of the printing press and Booth--Bronze Medal.
Washing Machine and screw clothes machine. DOTY BROR.
Jonesville, Wes. , R. C.
Browning, agent, no.
Best washing machine on Broadway 347--Silver Medal.
Oakley and Keating, No. 184 Water-
Street, second good washing machine--Bronze Medal. C. H. HUDSON & CO. , No. 48 Fulton-
Street, washing machine for simple, efficient, cheap--Bronze Medal. R. C. BROWNING, No.
Best Costume Designer on Broadway 341-Bronze Medal. D. WARD & CO. , No.
457 Broadway, second best costume designer-Diploma.
Cooperative machinery.
Hawk and Taylor in buffonlu, NYY.
Best barrel making machine--Silver Medal.
Charles Murdoch of ellonvilleY.
Second good barrel machine--Silver Medal. LABOR --
Save machines that are not listed in other lists.
Chambers of brother company
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for a Clay-Tempered brick-Machine--Gold Medal.
Bradford company Barry, Boston, Mass.
For a large head nail leather sealing filling machine-Silver Medal. GEO. H. KITCHEN & CO.
Imperial gas maker--Silver Medal.
John Stover, 220-seventh-
Street 2avenue.
An oil lubricantDiploma. DANIEL J.
Tartel, Albany, New YorkY. , for a Pill-Manufacturing Machines--Silver Medal. J. J.
Doyle, Green Dot, Los AngelesI.
For eccentric pulley sets--Diploma.
Samuel Hall\'s son Company, No. 129 West Tenth-
The streets of Doyle\'s patent Wheel Group--Diploma. Henry Getty, No. 45 Cortland-
Street, for a self
Adjustable pipe wrench--Bronze Medal. J. K. HARRINGTON, No. 43 De Kalb-
Blacksmith Twyere on Brooklyn Avenue--Silver Medal. W. J. STRATTON, No.
12-107 West
On the street, for a working model of a tobacco cutter ---Diploma. No, Jabesh barn. 269 Washington-
A coffee machine on the street-Bronze Medal.
Sampenson and Timbi scale Ltd. , No, 15 Dey-street.
For Mill size--Bronze Medal.
No, it\'s John Thompson.
147 East 20-fifth-
Street, a machine that makes cigars. -Diploma. H. V.
SCATTERGOOD of Albany, model for needle cotton gin and condenser-Bronze Medal. S. N. CARVALHO, No.
861 Broadway, equipment for super heating steam-Silver Medal. ANSON P. STEPHENS, No. 230 Washington-
Brooklyn Avenue, Los AngelesI.
For a parallel pairSilver Medal.
Richardson Mills
Gloucester, Mass. , DAVID W.
Low agent of ice crusher--Silver Medal.
Marble fireplace, marble tiles, etc.
Fisher and the bird, no.
97 east Houston
Street, best marble fireplace--Gold Medal.
Thirty-point Broadway John f. Kennedyfifth-
Street, second good marble fireplace--Silver Medal. E. DEMING, No.
181 West 14-
Street, top of the best marble fireplace and marble fireplace--Silver Medal. JOHN PARRY, No.
167 East 12-
Street, second good marble imitating Sienna marble--Bronze Medal.
Fisher and the bird, no.
97 east Houston
Street with marble tiles-Bronze Medal.
Instruments of mathematics, philosophy and optics. G. W.
Harf, Dudley Observatory, Albany, New YorkY.
For automatic registration and printing of barometer--Gold Medal. W. H.
The Prince, heboygan.
Measures and cases for surveyors-Bronze Medal.
Plantation engine boiler and copper plant No. 7 Old-
Copper rum distillery and worm note-Silver Medal. C. SCRIBNER & CO. , No. 124 Grand-
Magnetic Ball Street in Perce--Bronze Medal. B. J.
Burnett of Mount VernonY.
, For the ventilator model--Diploma. Edmund hook. 171 William-
Street, a drawer with patent money. -Bronze Medal.
Shane and Hull, Lafayette, Ind.
Instruments for measuring instruments or surveyors--Silver Medal. E. P. NEEDHAM, No.
126 East 19-
Street, a pneumatic way--Silver Medal. METAL SPINNING. PH. P. MEYER, Nos.
Center 180 and 182-
Street for rotating samples of silver, copper, brass, zinc and cSilver Medal. METALS.
Winslow, Griswald and Holly, Troy, N. Y.
Bercy Mill cast iron--Gold Medal.
Quality, quality.
For the best corpark and East Rail-Gold Medal.
Women\'s hats and high-end supplies. L. BINNS, No.
577 Broadway best women\'s and jockey\'s hats--Bronze Medal. New-
No, it\'s York hard rubber.
163 Broadway, hard rubber cliffs--Bronze Medal.
Sihoboken Savoye and Monnie, New York StateJ.
Specimens of children\'s gloves-Diploma.
No, STACY Curtis. 56 Duane-
A street for Afgan-Diploma. MARGARET A. BOAK, No. 36 Horatio-
Street, wool overalls-Diploma. Miss Hendry, No. 3 Beach-
Street, a wax vase-Diploma. A. W.
Brother demuk, No. 214 William-
Street, glass button specimen-Silver Medal.
American vase Company, No. 74 Carmine-
Polonia vase on the street-Diploma.
CHAMPNERY & SMITTEN, no127 Fulton-
Hair pictures on Brooklyn street--Diploma. Mrs. J. W.
Peters, Berkshire, New YorkY.
, Samples for Shell work-Bronze Medal. ANDREW T. THAERY Nos.
92 and 94 Grand-
Patent spring hairpin street--Diploma. Mrs. EAGLESON, No. 2 Albion-
Placo for cone frame--Bronze Medal. Mme. DEMOREST, No.
473 Broadway for Garment Cutting, bodice, embroidery, braid and embroidery stamp system--Silver Medal.
Navy building. O. R. INGERSOLL, No. 243 South-
Street of metal lifeboat --Gold Medal. C. F. HALL, No. 228 Navy-
Two yacht models on Brooklyn Street-Bronze Medal. FERD.
Rozhou of Morgan steel, boat-
Steering Device--Silver Medal. R. G. MCDOUGALL, No. 466 Cherry-
Street, a model of iron-clad Ship-of-
Fight for the ocean-Gold Medal. RICHD. MONTGOMERY, No.
24 Broadway, fire box for ocean ships--Diploma. JOHN F. PATTEN, No. 187 Sixth-
Avenue, model for steam propeller--Diploma. --A. E. LOZIER, No. 61 Bleecker-
Ocean Street-
Log and deviation indicator--Bronze Medal.
TownePlace Suites Greenspoint and WestI.
, For ship model--Diploma. O. C. PHELPS, No.
181 East Thirty-third-
Street of new propeller model--Bronze Medal.
American ship anchor companyProvidence, R. I.
Patent rudder-support --Silver Medal.
Musical instruments. J. BAUER & CO. , No.
650 Broadway, collection of musical instruments--Silver Medal. WM. B. TILTON, No.
675 Broadway, banjo--Bronze Medal. OARS. E. W. PAGE, No. 89 West-
Street, High paddle-Diploma. PHOTOGRAPHS. F.
Best face photo of Philadelphia guokunst--Gold Medal. ROCKWOOD & CO. , No.
839 best mechanical and architectural photography on Broadway--Silver Medal. C. H.
Brooklyn Williamson, best imperial photography--Gold Medal. J.
7 best color photos on Broadway--Silver Medal. O. G. MASON, No.
599 Brodway, moon photo--Silver Medal. ROCKWOOD & CO. , No.
839 Broadway, photo on porcelain-Silver Medal.
Brother BIERSTADT, newBedford, Mass.
, For transparent stereoscopic view--Bronze Medal. PIANO-
Body and organs.
George skunk. , Nos.
113 and 115 walkers-
The street of a grand piano
Forte of general advantage--Gold Medal.
Deriggs patent Piano Co. , Ltd. , No. 252 Ninth-
Square piano Avenue-
Forte of general advantage--Gold Medal. GEO. STECK & CO. , Nos.
113 and 115 walkers-
The second good square piano-forte --Silver Medal.
Lindeman and his son, no. 2 Leroy-
The position of the piano
Forte, the novelty of the building and the general excellence--Gold Medal.
No, Mason and Hamlin.
596r Boadway, best Cabinet Office--Silver Medal.
GARHART, Needham & CO. , Nos.
Eastern 97 to 101third-
Best organ Street--
Special gold medalJ. M. PELTON, No.
841 Broadway, best cabinet organ for PELONBET & SON, Bloomfield, N. J. --Gold Medal.
Preparation of Natural History. JOHN G. BELL, No.
335 Broadway, a box of well-preserved birds-Bronze Medal. SMOKING PIPES. L. H. HALE & CO. , No. 16 Beekman-
Street, smoke pipe and smoke tube, patent smoke pipe charges for meet--Bronze Medal.
692 Broadway, best Meerschaum pipeline--Bronze Medal.
Cardenberg and son. 6 John-
Street, second good Meerschaum pipe--Diploma. W. H.
FICKEY, Baltimore, Md.
No, Edward Heng. 43 Liberty-
Streets of Cabo Qatari tobacco pipeline-Bronze Medal. STEEL PENS. Empire Pen Co. , Nos.
West 30-215 and 217fifth-
The best pen in the street--Silver Medal.
Stove, stove, heater and stove. J. E. LIDDLE, No. 250 Water-
Street, best living room stove-Silver Medal. W. R. BUTLER, No. 240 Water-
Street, second good living room stove-Bronze Medal.
No, it\'s Samuel Patrick. 61 Bleecker-
Street, a warm plate-Diploma. J. Q. A. BUTLER, No. 236 Water-
Street, a stove--Bronze Medal. F.
MILLIKEN, Saco, Me, for steam cooking equipment--Silver Medal.
Brother Bud, No.
184 West 14-
The streets of the best fire-place Heater --Bronze Medal. W. C. LESTER, No.
1,279 Broadway, second placeplace Heater --Diploma. JOHN T. BUDD, No.
East 19-8
Street, the best heat-air Furnace --Silver Medal. E. BARROWS, No. 254 Water-
Street, the second heat for tho-air Furnace --Bronze Medal. CHARLES R. ELLIS, No. 182 Centre-
Street, the best hot water heater--Bronze Medal.
Baker, Smith, No. 37 Mercer-
Street, Steam Generator for house heating-Silver Medal.
Mackenzie Mountains, No.
484 Broadway, bent House-house Range --Silver Medal. No, it\'s John Sumner. 270 Canal-
Street, second good house-house Range --Bronze Medal.
DEANE & CO. , No. 268 Canal-
Street within the hotel--Silver Medal. MISCELLANEOUS. French Self-
Fastening Button Company, No. 80 Reade-
Street for yourself
Fastening button--Silver Medal.
Nicholas Groo202 Market-
Buy a bag on Newark Street--Diploma. JOHN A. BATCHELOR, No.
19 Bowery, for painting and painting on clocks, grilles and tables-Diploma.
No, it\'s Richard Montgomery.
24 Broadway, a bridge model built of corrugated metal-Silver Medal.
Albert Fuller. 223 DeKalb-
Best brass and silver faucet on Brooklyn Avenue--Silver Medal. C. B. ROGERS & CO. Norwich in Conn
For skates and compression valves-Bronze Medal. WM. TOSHACK, No. 293 Carlton-
Brooklyn Avenue, window fasteners--Bronze Medal.
And human, no.
177 Broadway for glass engraving, finished on engine lathe-Silver Medal.
James yestas
640 Broadway, military suppliesDiploma. E. D.
Cooper Institute, busfordY.
, For plating silver--Bronze Medal. NORTHROP --WRIGHT, No. 58 Attorney-
Street, clothes dryer--Diploma. DENNISON & CO. , No.
198 Broadway Street, labels and labels-Diploma.
Metzler and cowperser, etc. 620 Fifth-
Street for horses. -Diploma. F. W. BACON & CO. , No. 84 John-
A guild article \"street for smooth iron\"-Diploma. N. P.
Otis, Yonkers, New YorkY.
An improved canal ship-Bronze Medal. W. C. LESTER, No.
1,279 Broadway Street for toiletriesstand --Diploma. STEELE & CO. , No. 3 Park-
Patent feather duster--Bronze Medal. CHASE & CO. , No.
524 Broadway Street for iron stools, Garden vases, hanging posts and c. --Bronze Medal.
Howard Tilden of Boston
\"Bunton\" flour and sauce screen-Diploma. J.
Palmer in Bedford
A family noodle shop on Brooklyn Avenue-Diploma. E. F.
Brooklyn Woodward patented corrugated bottom boiler--Diploma. F. J. MAY, New-
York, patent application
Skim the milk pot-Diploma. J. F. GRIFFEN, No. 9 Barclay-
Patent self-help Street
Sealed storage tank--Bronze Medal.
No, James Morton. 128 Fulton-
Cookie specimens on Brooklyn Avenue-Diploma. M. K. MAXIMILIAN, No. 73 Third-
Avenue, elegant decoration in building-Bronze Medal.
Closed & Buckman, No.
South third 192-
Brooklyn street, patent left and right double-acting spring ass--Bronze Medal. ISAAC E.
Palmer, Central Conn town.
For the fixing of mosquito nets--Diploma. ISAAC E.
Palmer in Middletown, Connecticut, for Power-
Weaving machine mosquito net, picture and spinning wool ball Line window cord, Selt-
Adjust Pully--Bronze Medal. P. MILES, No. 59, Lewis-
Patented spring balance sunshades fixed Street--Diploma.
Providence Kong Eye Inc. I. , for Eyelets --Diploma. LOUIS F. METZGAR, No. , 549 Pearl-street, New-
Super portable lemonade, York-Bronze Medal.
Surgical instruments. A. A. MARKS, No.
Broadway 675, artificial limbs, simple structure, durable--Gold Medal. N. W. KINGSLEY, No. 28 Twentieth-
Street, for artificial taste-Gold Medal. MARSH BROS. , No.
542 Broadway, shoulder-
Elegant and beautiful braces and orthopedic instruments--Diploma. No, it\'s Ernest mark.
225 East eleven-
Street of surgical and medical elevators--Silver Medal. GEO. W. LOVEJOY, No.
476 1/2 Broadway, Hartman patented flexible crutches--Diploma.
Electric and electrical appliances. L.
Bradley, Jersey City, USA for bare wire spiral telegraph instruments-Silver Medal. S. F.
One day, basston SpringsY.
For registration, sound and electric escape accessories--Silver Medal. C. F. & J. N. CHESTER, No. 104 Centre-
Electrical Street--Silver Medal.
Not Jerome Kidd.
483 Broadway Street for extra appliances on electrodes-Diploma.
Carpets and mosquito nets.
Velvet, USA
Barclays 26 and 28
Silk velvet and plush streets-Gold Medal. American Water-proof Cloth Co. , No. 43 Barclay-
Street, notebook robes, desk covers, car and carriage seats and carpets--Gold Medal.
Spring ally Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. , No. 38 Walker-
Street for quality colored mosquito nets-Diploma.
Johnson and Brinkhoff, No. 12 Vesey-
Street for mosquito control-Diploma.
Dear mentionT. O. SMITH & CO.
Trade union porcelain factory, no. 38 John-
On the street, beautiful specimens of Chinese vessels.
As a manager, he was banned from collecting insurance premiums. WM. M.
Three, Marston.
Repeat pistol barrel
As a manager, he was banned from collecting insurance premiums. S. S.
Buffalo hickory, New YorkY.
A man digging potatoes.
No, Robert Wyatt.
171 Broadway for fire escape.
A version of the file was printed on page 8 of the New York edition on October 23, 1865, with the title: list of insurance premiums. ;
Full prize record at the American College Fair.
Name of successful competitor
The nature and value of the reward.
Farm tools.
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