The location of the test methods, which are used in numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Numerical control woodworking lathe is the main equipment used in the modern woodworking industry, its use is good or bad directly affect the quality and efficiency of timber processing, so no matter choose and buy until ready to use in the process of each step we should be very attention. Numerical control woodworking lathe alignment position while they are being used is a crucial problem, so using it we are also very the attention of the production process. We will introduce about numerical control woodworking lathe can detect the position of commonly used method is that some. Position detection system is an important part of nc lathe servo system. Its main function is to detect displacement, and detects the feedback signal and the numerical control device signal instructions, if any deviation, then control execution parts to eliminate the direction deviation, which constitute the closed loop of the servo system or half closed loop control. The machining precision of numerical control woodworking lathe is mainly composed of the precision of the detection system. Position detection system can measure the minimum displacement is called resolution. Generally requires the resolution of the measuring element in 0. 0001-0. 01 mm, measurement accuracy is 0. 001-0. 02 mm, speed of 0 ~ 24 m/min. Different types of numerical control woodworking lathe, the position detection element, the precision of the detection system and the highest speed unit under test requirements vary. With the development of numerical control woodworking lathe, precision and speed is higher and higher, the numerical control woodworking lathe to the requirements of the position detection device are: 1, reliable operation, small under the influence of temperature, humidity, can long-term accuracy; Anti-interference ability is strong, can resist all kinds of electromagnetic interference, etc. 2, easy to install and maintain, to adapt to the numerical control woodworking machine working environment. Request has the certain installation accuracy measurement system, installation to reasonable accuracy, due to the effect of using the environment, the whole measurement system requirements have better dust, oil mist, prevent the measures such as chip. 3, low cost, long service life. 4, meet the requirements of numerical control woodworking machine precision and speed, perform component in the numerical control woodworking machine movement range and the displacement speed limit conditions, detection device to achieve certain accuracy and smaller cumulative error. Through more than a step to check we can from an integral part of the overall grasp of CNC woodworking lathe, in the process of use and choice is more at ease, so its all kinds of inspection is very necessary.
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