The machinery in use process often appear problems and solutions

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Mechanical effect in the furniture industry is very important, solid wood furniture industry of mechanical are increasingly demanding in terms of performance, but the machinery in use process often appear some problems, these problems seriously affect the mechanical work efficiency, mechanical appear this kind of situation affects solid wood furniture manufacturing enterprises, so these problems in the machinery in use process have any good solutions? Machinery in use process often appear problems and solutions: 1, after the neck down too fast or downward pressure is too large, makes the generated by 'impact on the plank ke the phenomenon of the plate. Solution: adjust the neck after intake/exhaust cylinder pressure regulating valve, make the neck downward to reduce speed and power. Sheet 2, front neck upward pressure is too large, marching to the neck problems by feet before impact. Solution: adjust the front neck upward pressure regulating valve, make its power become soft. Neck downlink signal 3, before the trip switch position is wrong or broken, plate movement to the desired location if touch less than the trip switch or touch switch is broken, so keep no downlink signal before, so I will be on board. Solution: adjust the location of stroke switches or replacement. Above is the machinery in use process often appear problems and solutions, all in strict accordance with the above to operate, and machinery will be more convenient to use and more comfortable!
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