The main characteristic of numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
When it comes to the numerical control woodworking lathe said everyone will know it very well, but you know it's true? So small make up ask you a question, do you know the main features of the numerical control woodworking lathe, certainly some people don't know. Here small make up to introduce to everyone. Main control part: adopting the high reliability of the numerical control module, completed by my company independent development, for its work stability and after-sale service, installation and deployment are reliable guarantee! Operating system: friendly operation interface simple, all characters suggest setting method is simple and size direct input. Perform parts: adopts high precision stepper motor drive, ensure the accuracy of machining dimension by program calculation. Feed part: using linear slide rail with high quality and precision ball screw drive, effective control of linear error. Power section: the variable frequency speed regulation system, can adjust the rotation speed solve the problem of vibration wood! Main parts: divided into single axial and biaxial, single chuck, can be mounted to the biaxial can produce two at the same time. Auxiliary parts: solid bed structure, little vibration. The above is the main characteristic of numerical control woodworking lathe, hope to be of service.
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