The main characteristics of heavy sanding machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
1, the heavy sanding machine: spindle choose special processing, more reasonable and more lunch the new structure design, thick sand cutting, and machining precision of sand thickness cutting into before. For example: cover base material in front of the post should be thick sanding. 2, the sand surface creation into the surface quality and uniform sand to a layer of sand on board face cutting processing, to eliminate working procedure to stay on the knife grain, the plate surface beautiful, shiny, also used to stick a face, dyeing, printing, coating paint. Ensure that the decorative board (3, sand hair Stick a face) Forward and bond strength of base material of the decorative sheet opposite coarse sand broadband sanding machine cutting processing in lifting screw pair between the frame and structure, belongs to the field of sanding machine manufacturing. It contains the sanding machine, operation way to support the horizontal axis respectively with the lifting screw pair at both ends and lifting screw vice rack and drive the work way at the transverse support, mobile, homework way homework way at the transverse support. 4, heavy sanding machine fundamentally dealt with lifting screw pair of waterproof, dustproof technology difficult problem, but safe function forward greatly; 5, due to effectively deal with the problems of the lifting screw pair of waterproof, dustproof, not only ensure the synchronization between the two groups lifting screw pair the precision of ascending, descending, and the service life greatly. 6, sand before the large diameter steel roll thick coarse sand and rubber roller to fine sand, polishing pad slinging, two sand three working procedure processing, a leveling and polishing, four small errors. 7, thickness adjustment precision digital flash, roller coating rubber and correction of dynamic balance, abrasive belt shaking choose electric eye control trajectory, choose strong butterfly brake, automatic stop when absent or abrasive belt pressure cracking, metamorphosis abrasive belt arrangement.
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