The main role of tablet coating

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Tablet coating is the main purpose of the

tablet coating effect is mainly ink absorption imaging with increased adhesion. Image point, for example, in ABS plastic printed full color image, and ABS plastic itself is not adsorption ink, digital ink jet printing machine is scattered, not imaging, at the same time a will rub off. In ABS plastic surface spraying ABS plastic coating after printing, can form a clear pattern, and also cannot erase.

universal flat-panel printers is for material and ink coating, a kind of a kind of coating material, at the same time to consider the performance of the ink. Such as: ABS plastic coating is used in ABS plastic, metal coating is specially used for metal color printing, leather coating is specially used in leather color printing, in addition to: glass coating, PC, PS coating coating, PVC coating, PET, PP coating, silicone coating, coating and so on.

the used tablet applications:
tablet to print directly on the plate material to print all kinds of color images, text, graphics, color is clear;
if tou iron aluminum plate, crystal materials, wood, glass, leather, cloth, stone, etc. ; Mobile phone, telephone, U disk, glasses, vases, pen, etc. ;
metal plate, ceramic, crystal, organic glass, acrylic, PVC, EVA, ABS, plastic, silicone, non-woven fabrics, toys, crafts and other material objects, without plate, an imaging, low cost, fast speed, the printing effect will never rub off, not to drop, waterproof, environmental protection.
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