The maintenance of the numerical control punch

by:Gewinn     2020-03-27
CNC punching machine in use, maintenance according to the following content: 1, the daily maintenance of 1. Boot check: 1. 1. 1 air system leaks, the system pressure should be kept in 5 KGF/cm2 or 0. 4mpa; 1. 1. 2 lines as air filter in the water, and check the air of lubricating oil is normal; 1. 1. 3 check working mesa, Y axis X axis, punching die, and rotary table presence of foreign bodies, especially machine corner part; 1. 1. 4 stamping, hydraulic components, such as presence of abnormal noise, leakage of hydraulic oil with and without; 1. 1. 5 all safety protection devices are effective; 1. 1. 6 operating correctly in disassembling mold, and infuse lubricating oil, pay attention to the machine running situation at any time, in case of abnormal situation, take the right measures, and promptly report to relevant departments. 1. 2 lubricating oil filling to machine the refuelling parts consistent filling of lubricating oil in time, Fat) Parameters such as, refueling point and types see the nameplate at the back of the machine tool. 2, to maintain 2 per month. 1 check the stamping machine V belt tension, whether to have the damaged, and adjust or change; 2. 2 clutch, brake, and the limit switch, inductive switch is loose, exception; 2. Inspect the hydraulic oil level, and clean the parts, especially the dust on the radiator; 2. Turn the chain tension; 2. 5 clean air filter, NC ensure heat flow in the NCS. 3, every 3 months for maintenance of the floppy disk drive clean. 4, to maintain 4 every year. 1 press each work a year later, should replace the hydraulic oil, cleaning tank and filter; 4. 2 NC memory backup battery in the use of three years should be replaced, such as using in the battery voltage is too low, also should be replaced. Gaomi city run xin CNC machinery technology co. , LTD. Main products are CNC punch press, simple CNC punch press, CNC turret punch press, the most professional manufacturers of CNC punch press, the country is the core of forging machinery manufacturing enterprises in shandong, is a member unit of China machine tool corporation.
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