The maintenance of the sanding machine - How to remove the sand from the sanding machine marks?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Sanding machine is one of the production and processing machinery, the use of the machine after a long time, there will always be some wear and tear of the sanding machine, for example, sanding machine is produced by the wear and tear, in order to guarantee the normal operation of sanding machine, and it is necessary to remove sand marks. 1, sand machine before use with feeler adjust cut the amount of sand. 2, open the sanding machine, check the abrasive belt, if there is any damage or cause artifacts appear sand mark area. Replace the new abrasive belt. Abrasive belt use 2 hours, should be replaced in a timely manner. 3, after sanding machine adjust or change the abrasive belt sand mark, need to repeatedly adjust the abrasive belt. 4, if you need to coarse sand blasting belt, belt or stop recycling dust about 4 hours. 5, desanding machine in order to ensure the normal use, in addition to the sand at the bottom of the machine is not blocked by dirt, cannot adjust desanding machine inlet valve, change in addition to the internal pressure sand machine, in order to reduce the desand effect. 6, grinding pressure regulating device, do not force hard pressure, must be lighter, lest the abrasive belt, abrasive belt, 180 stress, easy to fall off particles, sand. Sand mark not only unsightly, but also affect the use of the sanding machine.
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