The maintenance of the woodworking machinery of alloy saw blade

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Woodworking machinery of alloy saw blade should how to maintain? 1, unused woodworking machinery alloy saw blade should be put in storage boxes, saw blades in the factory will have a thorough antirust processing and good packing, don't open it. 2, for saw blades have been used, after removed should be back on the packaging, whether to send deposit grinding factory or warehouse to wait for next time use, should try to choose a stand, at the same time should pay attention to avoid in the wet room. 3, saw blade is not sharp, or cutting effect is not ideal, need to grinding blade, abrasive easily destroy the sawtooth original point of view, not in time affect the cutting precision, shorten the service life of the saw blade. 4, if is flat with stacked, try to avoid too much together, in order to avoid causing the accumulation of the saw blade deformation, the weight of long time more may not be bare saw blades stacked together, otherwise it will cause the sawtooth or scratches, sawtooth and sawing plate between lead to alloy tooth damage and fracture. 5, woodworking machinery, saw blade grinding work by the original factory to do as far as possible, if the conditions for the inconvenience, should try to look for professional equipment and grinding merchants. Error or unreasonable grinding to greatly reduce the service life of saw blade. 6, for no special antirust treatment such as electroplating the surface of the saw blade, please wipe anti-rust oil after use, in case of saw blade rust due to long time not to use, some manufacturers for machine parameters such as limit, need to buy the saw blade for center hole, positioning hole size changes, such as advice before making the change should be detailed consultation saw blade manufacturer, after understanding the parameters of the blade itself should be able to just can make a decision. Unreasonable changes not only leads to saw blade scrap, may also pose a threat to machine and people's life safety. A: mechanical maintenance and use what to pay attention to the next: how to maintain woodworking machinery alloy saw blade?
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