The manipulator maintenance of CNC woodworking lathe and sealed

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
Manipulator is an important executive CNC woodworking lathe parts, daily work is also an easy fault takes place, this makes maintenance of the manipulator is particularly important, in daily work that how to maintain? In this paper, then bring them together to have a look. 1, manual knife knife manipulator, need to make sure its in place, firmly. 2, in order to effectively avoid manipulator problem off the knife, it is forbidden to treat overweight, super long knives in library. 3, in a sequential way choice knife must pay attention to the cutting tool placed in the order of the knife library is correct. Choose other knife way also should pay attention to whether agree with the required tool for cutting tools, prevent change wrong tool lead to accidents. 4, check the back to the zero position of the tool storage is correct, check the CNC woodworking lathe spindle back in knife point location is in place, and timely adjust, otherwise can't finish in action. Above is about numerical control woodworking lathe mechanical maintenance, it is worth mentioning here, when boot up every time, should let the knife library and manipulator empty running, to measure all parts are in normal operation, if found to have problems, should be handled in a timely manner. 1, equipment, storage should be cut off when the external three-phase power supply. 2, storage environment should be dry, well ventilated, no dust pollution and corrosion. 3, seal before sweeping clean dust removal of mechanical and electrical, sliding and rotating components should be oil, equipment mechanical parts exposed surface should be coated anticorrosive oil. Walking mechanical sliding parts should be properly covered protection. 4, equipment, storage period intervals of ten days or so should be switched on automatically empty running more than 30 minutes, to use electrical components its calorific value in addition to the tide.
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